A Year of Kindness

A Weekly Kindness Challenge.   This is something I'm doing in conjunction with my One Little Word "KIND" for 2014.  I'm really excited about this one, but also a bit scared. I almost don't want to post it because I'm too afraid that others won't be as enthusiastic as I am and it'll be one big flop. But hey, even if I am the only one playing along, it will still be a good way to keep myself accountable for my word and to keep it out there. 

So here's the deal. Every week on Monday I will make a Kindness Post to my blog. I'll include things like an inspiring quote, a link to a story about a kind act, or something similar, something uplifting. And finally a challenge. The challenges will be simple things that will require very little investment of time, and, as much as possible, little or no cost. You will have one week to complete the challenge. You can participate every week or just once in a while when the spirit moves you. You can come back to my post and comment about your results and/or leave a link to where you blogged about it, or you can keep your involvement totally private - your level of participation is entirely up to you!  I just hope some of you will be as excited about this idea as I am and will want to play along with me!

I also made a blog badge 

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You can grab the code over on the sidebar!

And just so it is all in one place, I will include the link's to each week's challenge below!

Week Fifty Two - Set an Intention
Week Fifty One - Donate to your Favorite Charity
Week Fifty - Help a Fellow Shopper
Week Forty Nine - Volunteer Your Time and Talents
Week Forty Eight - Donate Clothing
Week Forty Seven - Express Gratitude
Week Forty Six - Visit Shut-Ins
Week Forty Five - Donate to a Food Pantry
Week Forty Four - Give Meaningful Gifts
Week Forty Three - Be Kind to Yourself
Week Forty Two  - Be Kind to a Colleague or Co-Worker
Week Forty One - Send a Care Package
Week Forty - Pamper Your Pet
Week Thirty Nine - Donate Art Supplies
Week Thirty Eight - Reach Out To An Artist
Week Thirty Seven - Treat Yourself
Week Thirty Six - Be Kind To Someone Who Annoys You
Week Thirty Five - Acknowledge Volunteer Workers
Week Thirty Four - Let Someone Else Go First
Week Thirty Three - Use Your Words
Week Thirty Two - Donate School Supplies
Week Thirty One - Offer to Take Photos of Couples/Families
Week Thirty - Be Compassionate With Yourself
Week Twenty Nine - Practice Compassion
Week Twenty Eight - Wish Others "Enough"
Week Twenty Seven - Practice Patience
Week Twenty Six - Use Reusable Bags
Week Twenty Five - Conserve
Week Twenty Four - Leave a Place Better Than You Found It
Week Twenty Three - Upcycle
Week Twenty Two - Recycle
Week Twenty One - Say Thank You
Week Twenty- Share A Story of Kindness
Week Nineteen- Forgive Someone
Week Eighteen- Look Up
Week Seventeen- Abandon Your Art
Week Sixteen - Plant A Tree
Week Fifteen- Just Play
Week Fourteen- Send Kind Thoughts via Social Media
Week Thirteen - Pass On A Book
Week Twelve - Lend A Helping Hand
Week Eleven - Let Your Light Shine
Week Ten - Listen
Week Nine - reach out and touch someone
Week Eight -  leave positive feedback
Week Seven - compliment a service worker
Week Six - send a card to someone in need.
Week Five - do a kindness for a neighbor.
Week Four - do a kindness at home.
Week Three - smile at everyone you meet.
Week Two - be kind to yourself. 
Week One - pay someone a sincere compliment

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