Sunday, November 11, 2018

Creative Team Share - Tami Miller Designs - part 2

Here's more from Tami Miller Designs.

 1. Using a kit called "Above Rubies".  This was a proud moment in 2016.  Can't believe it has already been two years since we were in Scotland.

2. Using "The Story of Us" to highlight a photograph of our Summer daylilies.

3. This one is "Sweater Weather"

4. Probably my favorite from the group of nature inspired photography, this was taken in Scotland - while everyone else was pointing cameras 180 degrees in the other direction at Sterling Castle, I was focused on the beautiful flora growing alongside the road.  Using "Sweet Simplicity."

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Creative Team Share - Tami Miller Designs

 Today, I'm highlighting layouts created with kits from Tami Miller Designs.  Again, the name of the kit will link to where the kit can be purchased.

1. From Thankful for You.  Picture taken while hiking in the Waimea Canyon on Kauai in October.  Jay and I don't really "do" selfies, so this is one of only about 3 photos of us together on Kauai.  The kit colors were a perfect match!

 2. Using Autumn Glow.  Sometimes Tami sends out a kit with a real mixed media, art journal vibe.  This was one.  Loved using it to showcase my first fall photo into an artsy layout.

3. Using Beautiful Dreamer.  This one got me scrapping a very old photo, but brought back so many memories.  I actually turned the round frame into a freebie cluster that was available through Tami's newsletter.

4. This is Tami's newest release - BeYOUtiful.  The photo is Becca and Kyle at the shore. It's not a great photo but I love that they are both laughing and goofing around.  This kit has some great self-esteem word art.

5. Using a collection titled Bliss Yourself Out.  Just the title of the kit evoked art for me!  But seriously, click the link and check out the absolutely gorgeous colors in this kit!!!

6. I almost can't believe this was created with a kit titled Hello Fall.  I wanted to do a "big photo" layout that would commemorate my trip last year to NYC with my mother, without it being the typical "touristy" layout.  I feel like I succeeded.

I still have several more layouts to share, but didn't want this post to get too long.  So more coming in my next post!  Needless to say, I've been doing a bit of scrapping the past two months... not so much art, but this is filling the need for now.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Creative Team Share - Manu Design Studio

Man am I behind!!!  Two months since my last post - I blame it on work commitments and travel.  But so much catching up to do...

Today's post features layouts from recent kits by Manu Design Studios.  The name of each kit is a link to where it can be purchased.

This first one is from a kit called Book of Memories, using only elements from the kit:

These next two are from a kit called Bound By Love and I just ADORE the ripped papers!  Photos are from this year's family trip to the shore.

 The Last Ride was created with a kit called Fading - it was an interesting exercise in trying to turn a kit that is basically vintage shabby chic into a manly layout - but also highlights just how versatile Manu's kits really can be!
 This memorial layout for Kira was made with Ripped Paper Templates 3  and the Antiqueness Kit.  Kira was actually sleeping on my lap in the photo.
 And my newest set of layouts from Manu use her beautiful new Snowlicious Kit.  It's a wintry mix with a beautiful pop of pink:

It's easy to see why I adore her kits!!!