Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sometimes Life is Just.... Hard.

I know that February is more than 1/2 over and this is my first post.  Sometimes life just takes over and when you can no longer tell which end is up, blogging falls by the wayside. 

I'm 4 weeks into the 6 week Whole Life Challenge.  Eating healthier, moving more - only missed one day of tracking my score - and the scale hasn't budged at all.  Neither have my measurements.  Or my pain levels.  Or anything by which I could claim some success for avoiding bread, pasta, and sugar in any form.  So let me just say this once - this SUCKS and it is so NOT FAIR!  Okay, end of pity party.  I know this means I have to drastically up my exercise game.  I hope Spring comes soon, because getting to a gym is not always in the cards, but walking around the block could be.  Just not when it is winter cold out!

Since I last posted, a lot of "news" has been dumped on me.  Here's what I'm dealing with right now...

My boss of 12+ years (the CEO of our company) is leaving on March 15th.  I report directly to him.  I'm not terribly concerned about job security, just unsettled about who his replacement might be and how that will change the rhythm of my work and what is expected of me.

My daughter Rachel has a tiny mole on her shin that needs to be removed - severe atypia -  the stage just before cancer.  But because of the location, there isn't enough skin to cut and stitch, so she'll need a skin graft to replace the skin they remove on her shin.  Surgery, two more scars, one very upset, angry, frustrated kid.  As of right now, surgery is scheduled for March 7th.

I'm in physical therapy for plantar fasciitis. Home stretches and icing didn't make any improvement.  New shoes and insoles didn't make any improvement.  If the PT fails, I'm stuck with cortisone injections which frankly scares the bejeebers out of me.  Hoping very much to avoid!

My sister Deanna has hit a rough patch personally that is going to require her to move out of the place she just moved into at the beginning of the year.  She's weighing life options right now.  Looking at moving closer to her job in Memphis, or possibly back this way.  Either option involves major life changes and lots to think about.  Can you guess which option I'm rooting for?

My mother went into hospice care on Wednesday of last week.  I'm heading to Dallas this coming Friday with my daughters to see her before things get worse.  I'm looking forward to seeing her, but having a very hard time dealing with the reason for the trip.

Last, but by no means least, our sweet Ashley turned 18 today.  She's definitely showing her age and I think she has kitty dementia.  She often seems confused about where she is or why she went there. We are enjoying the last bit of time we have with her, but none of us thinks it will last very long.

I know that none of this is out of the ordinary; it's all to-be-expected life changes in a world where change is the only constant, the only thing truly guaranteed.  But sometimes, it's just.... hard.