Monday, April 4, 2016

Memorandum Monday

I spent last weekend in D.C. visiting Sarah.   We drove down Friday morning.  New things I did on Friday:  saw the movie "Alliegant" and went to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.  There I saw:

A Concorde jet. I learned that these planes catered to first class customers and could carry 100 passengers across the Atlantic in less than 4 hours.  I wish that were true of the flight I'll be taking in July!  Alas, the Concorde fleet was retired in 2003 and this plane was donated to the museum.

The space shuttle Discovery.  I learned that the Discovery completed 39 missions between 1984 - 2011 before it was retired.  Seeing this thing up close, it is really much larger than I had imagined it would be, although my husband tells me much of the space was a cargo hold, not areas for the astronauts.

There were so many other interesting aircraft - WWI fighters,  military helicopters, racing planes - a very interesting stop!

On Sunday I went to a new to me flea market - in an indoor parking garage structure in Arlington, VA!  Interesting flea market, but the parking garage is dark and made it difficult to really see all the goodies.

Joining in with Sian and all the Memorandum Monday folks.