Friday, May 29, 2020

This Is Me...

Me Today  :)
This is what 59 looks like!  Thinking back to my youth when I thought 60 was soooo old, 59 doesn't look so bad!  In fact, it looks a darn site better than 58 did! Although my hair is currently longer than it has been in quite awhile and is starting to drive me insane! Can't wait for the salons to open!
Me last May at Disney World

      On Reopening: 
Governor Wolf announced today that the counties in which my children and I live will all move to "yellow" phase on June 5th. My birthday gift from the government! Yellow phase means that restaurants may open for outdoor dining only and social gatherings of less than 25 are allowed.  Gyms, spas, and hair salons must remain closed. Work from home where possible is still strongly encouraged. 

Now that we have a move forward date, it's just a matter of waiting to hear when we can move to green.  Green doesn't mean "business as usual" the way we used to know it, but does mean that gyms and hairdressers can open at 50% capacity, indoor dining at 50% capacity, and gatherings of less than 250 would be allowed. We need to be in green for Becca's wedding, so fingers crossed!

On the Job Front: Jay is expecting an offer on a new position within the next week. I'm hoping the money and benefits are there, because I think this would be a great move for him.  In the interim though, his current job has called him back to work starting Monday! So either way, he's off the unemployment rolls!

What is the good news in your piece of the world?


debs14 said...

Oh I'm so pleased to hear that Jay's job is secure - and there may be an even better one just round the corner - phew!
Our relaxation of rules is slower than yours - from Monday we will be able to have up to six people in our gardens, but no one allowed inside the house except to use the loo and then thorough anti-bac cleaning needs to be done! Fingers crossed for Becca's wedding.

Melissa said...

Thrilled to hear the news about Jay's job!!

Hair Salons have been open here for a couple of weeks (at 25% capacity I believe) & lots of other stuff is open as well. Really, I rode with Robbie to do some necessary errands the other day & couldn't tell much difference from before the pandemic. Robbie's still got another couple of weeks at home because his office is in Dallas county & they still have to put some procedures (cleaning, disinfecting, distancing, etc) in place before everyone can go back ... lucky for us, more time together. :)


Karen said...

So glad to hear about Jay's job! What a relief! We move to Phase 2 here on Monday. No restaurants, no nails, but you'll be able to get a hair cut. Mine is as longer than it's been in years, but I'm actually finding it easier to style. It does need thinning out and shaping though. I go to a smallish salon, and they've already sent out the way they'll be operating. I'll be comfortable getting my hair cut. It's going to be awhile before I feel comfortable eating inside a restaurant, and a LONG time before I'll feel safe going to a gym. A good friend is an ICU nurse in a Covid unit in Washington, D.C. The stories are horrific. Although, I think I'll feel comfortable outside with a few friends later this summer, I'm not taking any chances in public places.Keeping my fingers crossed for Becca's wedding!

Patio Postcards said...

You do look marvelous! Wonderful news for Jay. I like your state's plan to re-open with the red,yellow,green method - such a visible way for everyone to see what status you are at. So many businesses are coming up with such creative ways to keep everyone safe, while being able to provide their services & goods.

Carola Bartz said...

Happy Birthday, Cheri!
That is good news about Jay being off unemployment rolls! It must be a big relief for you.
Our county has cautiously opened up again, but the county health officer put on a brake for two weeks when the number of new cases climbed - most probably due to more testing, but I'd rather be cautious than too fast in opening.

Susanne said...

Happy birthday! I am glad to hear that Jay's back at work, and fingers crossed the better option works out. Just when I thought I had made piece with my hair, this last week I've been tempted to try and trim my own bangs. That has never worked out in the past, so I will try changing my part until The Salon is back open. believe that is in our next phase as well, although mine is located in a senior living apartment complex, so they may delay.

alexa said...

So delighted to read the welcome news about Jay's job - that must remove a big anxiety for you all. You're looking well! And it must feel optimistic to have things starting to open up bit more. We are still pretty locked down here - I'm not bothered about shopping or going out, but just want to be able to form a little bubble with my daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter!