Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Saying Goodbye to 2019

I started 2019 with high hopes and a lot of enthusiasm.  It turned out to be a difficult year in so many different ways.  I'm not sad to leave this year behind.

On the difficult side, I struggled physically with plantar fasciitis, then IT band syndrome, both of which interrupted my physical progress in TRX class.  I lost my mother, dealt with my grief by eating my feelings, which resulted in reaching my highest weight EVER (seriously, I weighed less when I was 9 months pregnant with twins).  Sarah lost a good friend to cancer and then had her own health struggles - and you know as a Mom, when your child struggles, you feel it - deep in your core.  I was finally getting myself back on track, losing weight, feeling good about life, when I learned that I was losing my job.  Now unemployed, I am once again working on getting back on track.

On the happier side, there was a lot of positive in 2019.  Becca passed her PTA program, passed her Boards, got a job, and got engaged.  We had a fabulous family vacation at Disney. I walked and kept up with my family with minimal pain. I found a craft shop that I LOVE and took several in person classes.  We did a LOT of wedding planning stuff. I handled my position elimination with extreme professionalism and left on good terms with all.  And I ticked a LOT off my 2019 goals...

Remember this list?  Here's the final tally:
1. No - changed my mind.
2. DONE! Plus CMLX2 and ICC as well.
3. DONE! 47 books read. Audible really helps.
4. Yes?  Final tally 729 items plus 13+ pounds of paper (old files purged). Paper averaged 100+ sheets per pound, so if we are counting individual sheets of paper, I made it.
5. Progress, but not complete.
6. DONE!
7. DONE!
8. DONE! Plus 3 bedrooms upstairs too!
9. YES! Not yet consistently, but after TRX class I usually can.
10. No.
11. No. I started off well, but then not so much.
12. DONE!
13. DONE!
14. DONE! Even the "repeat" part!
15. DONE!
16. DONE!
17. No.
18. Not even close.  I think I completed two lessons all year.
19. It sure did. Not in ways I had imagined.

So, 13 of my original 19 goals complete.  I'm happy with that number, all things considered.  Now it's time to make plans for 2020... I'm excited for a new year, a new decade, and the promise of so many possibilities to come.  You can remind me I said that if I get all whiny and depressed during the upcoming job search.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


I've been absent for three months.  A lot has happened in that time frame.  My travel schedule did threaten to ruin me and my last trip to Rockville was... well... my last trip to Rockville.  My position with my company is being eliminated.  I will officially join the ranks of the unemployed on December 27, 2019.

I've already been through the seven stages of grief.  The shock/denial phase lasted all of about five minutes.  I knew when my boss left back in March that this was a possibility and in some ways I'm surprised I lasted through the end of the year.  Anger, bargaining, depression, and testing has been somewhat circular over the last month as I worked through knowledge transition and wrapping things up with our human resources department.  Today I sent out my farewell email to my colleagues and I'm honestly glad to have that task done. 

All that remains is acceptance.  And writing a resume - something I haven't done in 17 years.  And starting a job search.

All of which will wait until the New Year.  Right now I want to slow down, enjoy the holidays, take stock, and be truly deliberate with my job search and finding the next right thing for me.

I'm reaching out just to let you all know what has happened and why I've been MIA.  I'm guessing that after the holidays I might have more time to be present here!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Catch you soon!


Friday, September 13, 2019

TGIF | September 13, 2019

*with thanks to Brene Brown for this meme.

Trusting that my crazy schedule for the next 8 weeks won't kill me!  Traveling 4 out of 8 weeks - all work related.

Grateful for the cooler weather, beach time, my TRX class, and an awesome massage therapist.  

Inspired by all the wedding ideas available on Pinterest.  Seriously considering acquiring a Cricut Maker to aid in making some of Becca's desires a reality. Anyone own one and care to share their experience? Or a Silhouette Cameo?

Had Fun! playing Exploding Kittens during a rainy remnants-of-Hurricane-Dorian day at the beach.  First time for most of us!  

Our end of summer shore weekend was cut short by Sarah contracting some nasty upper respiratory infection + bronchitis + stomach upset, which was apparently bacterial as none of the rest of us got sick despite sharing confined quarters with her.  After several days on antibiotics she is on the mend.

Jay & I took advantage of the extra day at home to visit 5 different kitchen/bath showrooms.  More Fun! Our heads are now spinning with information on toilets, tubs, vanities, sinks, faucets, oh my! ... a lot of planning yet to do, but new bathrooms are in our future, although still possibly a year or more down the road.

Also had Fun! creating Save the Date cards for Becca this week.  Here's a version minus the pertinent information:

Their engagement photos were gorgeous!  My apologies to all of you if my posts over the next year get a little wedding heavy.  It's currently the biggest deal going on in my life! 😊

Saturday, August 31, 2019

TGIF | August 31, 2019

*with thanks to Brene Brown for this meme.

Trusting that I will get my white paper written for my CMLX2 certification.  I've never felt so uninspired about something I've written before.

Grateful for the cooler weather and some good nights for sleeping.  I actually hit close to or over eight hours four nights in a row.  I think it's a record!

Inspired by the recent purchase of a new clear table protector for my craft table to actually clean my craft room.  Off to get started.

Had Fun! bridal dress shopping with my girls.  It was an all day affair that started and ended at La Belle Mariee where Becca said YES to the dress!  I'm honoring Becca's request not to share any details, but I think it will be absolutely gorgeous on her.

After the successful shopping trip, and totally for shits and giggles, Becca tried on my wedding gown.  Becca is a skinny thing - much smaller than I think I ever was at her age, so imagine my surprise when we couldn't button her up in the back!  The veil definitely looks better pressed!

Who wore it better?  Sad how little detail those old photos captured.

Friday, August 16, 2019

TGIF | August 16, 2019

*with thanks to Brene Brown for this meme.

Trusting that I will continue losing weight on the Bright Line Eating Plan.  I've hit the 10 pound mark from my highest weight and the loss has slowed significantly - as it does every single time I diet.  So I'm trusting that this plan will work and I'll continue releasing excess weight - even if it is slowly!

Grateful to be have a quick getaway with Jay last weekend to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary.  Can't believe we've been together that long!
At Chincoteague Island VA on our anniversary.  We saw the wild ponies plus bald eagles, dolphins, egrets, deer.  Great boat tour!

Inspired by Jessica Swift - just started her new course Create A New Story - looking forward to the transformation it may bring!

Work can occasionally be Fun!  There was a lot of energy around this month's trip (this week) to Rockville and it was good seeing all the colleagues I don't get to interact with on a regular basis.  It's also really nice to be back home!

Friday, August 2, 2019

TGIF | August 2, 2019

*with thanks to Brene Brown for this meme.

Trusting that I will develop a morning routine that works for me.  Still a work in progress.

Grateful to be slowly ticking some very old items off my only-exists-in-my-head to do list!  Finally got to Vision Works this morning to order new glasses.  My eye doctor visit was in February.  Yes, it took me that long!  Also, finally took a picture of an award I won in high school, removed the engraved plate and donated the award.  That's been on my to do list for (LITERALLY) years!  And the whole process took about 15 minutes.  Glad to have that niggling thought out of my brain!

Inspired by Bella Grace Magazine.  I am seriously enamored with how beautiful it is!

I had Fun with my girls visiting our first bridal shop on Saturday and watching Becca try on gowns.  She didn't say "yes" to any dress.  But we have more shops to visit later this month.

Friday, July 26, 2019

TGIF | July 26, 2019

*with thanks to Brene Brown for this meme.

Trusting that I'll be able to stick with my Bright Line Eating challenge and drop some excess weight.

Grateful  that my massage therapist was able to squeeze me in for a 1/2 hour appointment when my neck and shoulder were screaming at me and that my PT was able to relieve some of my sciatica pain today.  Working through it all.

Inspired by the vast availability of online classes and the chance to enhance my creative knowledge.  Just signed up for a digital art journaling class with Jessica Sprague - which truly takes me back to my roots - I learned to use Photoshop Elements with Jessica Sprague classes back in 2009!

I had Fun with the family on Sunday when we all met at Buckeye Tavern for a lunch to celebrate Becca passing her Boards.  She's just completed her first full week of working. As a family we are all breathing a huge sigh of relief that she is done with school, exams, and the associated stress and can truly begin her adult life!

Our daylilies are in full bloom - that's always how you know it's really Summer here!

Friday, July 19, 2019


*with thanks to Brene Brown for this meme.

Trusting that my physical therapist will get to the bottom of what is causing my current knee and tailbone pains and figure out a way to address it.

Grateful  for air conditioning during our current heat wave!

Inspired attending a wedding expo with Becca and Sarah last night. Booked an appointment with the florist that was #1 on our list.

I had Fun hanging with Krystal and playing with a couple of Lifebook lessons in the past week.   

My very first attempt at Zentangle

Monday, July 8, 2019

Mid Year Check In

I find myself suddenly well into the second half of 2019 and needing to take stock.  Make plans.  Assess and pivot.

The first half of 2019 was ROUGH.

We went through the loss of my mother and Sarah's good friend Brianna, the stress of Becca completing her PTA program, another skin cancer surgery for Rachel.  We closed our booth at the antique store.  I said a very reluctant goodbye to my boss of 13 years. I personally struggled with plantar fasciitis and now IT band syndrome.  I spent a lot of time feeling depressed. And despite efforts at diet and exercise, as of July 1, I was UP 4 pounds from the start of the year.

On the plus side, I passed my CMLX1 certification and my Advanced Conga Certification exam. I treated myself to a metalsmithing class and a mixed media class with Seth Apter at Creative Inkling.  I continued with the TRX class I started last December.  In March I progressed from planking off a bench to completing a 30 second plank from the floor.  In April I planked for a full minute! I'm definitely getting stronger!  We had a fantastic family vacation at Disney/Universal. We attended my nephew Bobby's wedding and caught up with my brother Jerry who I hadn't seen in several years.

 Jay & I at the wedding venue - a horse farm!

We decluttered 311 items from our home (I have a LONG way to go to get to the 2019 items goal I set for the year!)  How do you count paper?  I just pulled 20 file folders worth of paper out of our filing cabinet. 10 pounds of paper.  If I counted each sheet individually, I'd be a lot closer to goal, but that seems like cheating...

We finally checked getting kitchen back splash installed off our "to do" list - 12 years after the kitchen remodel!

I've already completed 25 out of the 26 books I committed to for the Reading Challenge this year.  Audible has certainly made a huge difference in my ability to consume fiction! It is a great companion for all the drives down to Rockville Maryland.

But by far the most exciting and happy thing that has happened in the first half of 2019 - a mere three days after graduating from her PTA program and less than 10 minutes after entering Magic Kingdom was this:

Becca and Kyle got engaged in front of Cinderella's castle! It was so much fun to be a part of it all and to see the surprise on Becca's face.  She had NO idea it was happening there.  And yes, we are now knee deep in wedding planning.

So as I'm taking stock, what do I want the second half of 2019 to look like? What do I still hope to accomplish?  I pray that it will hold a lot more happy and a lot less sadness than the first six months.

I'm stealing a page from Lee Currie and declaring my goals for the second half of 2019.  Maybe declaring them will help me be more accountable???

Professional Goals:

Get My CMLX2 Certification. Attend CMLX2 classes in July, pass the exams, and write my white paper by August 31st so I can earn my CMLX2 certification.  I don't expect the classes or exams to be all that tough.  But the white paper???? Yikes!

Get In House Counsel Certification. I'm registered for a week long class in early November sponsored by the Association of Corporate Counsel.  If I pass the exam at the end I'll be a "certified" In House Counsel.  I don't need the certification but I'm hoping to learn a lot!

Finish the Bright Guide. Ever have one of those projects that you just keep putting off?  Yes, this one. AKA the Employee Handbook. It's boring and tedious but I want it finished!!!

Personal Goals:

Touch My Toes.  It isn't a sexy goal, but it has a lot to do with my physical well being. Getting enough flexibility to reach my toes will mean I've managed (after years and years) to loosen up hamstrings and hip flexors to a point of being able to regain function I've lost.  It also appears to be key to helping resolve my current IT Band Syndrome.

Resolve IT Band Syndrome. The primary symptom is my inability to kneel or put any weight on my left knee.  Do you have any idea how many daily activities require you to kneel or squat??? Not to mention yoga... I want that functionality back!

Lose Some Weight. If I haven't figured out how to move the scale by the end of Summer, I'll make an appointment to discuss weight loss with my doctor.  She's quick to offer pills (which I don't want) so I'm going to try a couple different diet/nutrition options and see if one of them can help. I want to be healthy.  Looking good would be a nice side benefit. Getting the weight off would definitely help with all the problems I've been experiencing with my knees, ankles, and feet!

Make Some Art. My creative time has been sorely lacking and I'd love to spend more time getting messy.  I don't have any specific project in mind, so let's just say digging into some of my Lifebook 2019 lessons that have (so far) gone untouched this year. I'd like to complete at least one lesson per month - so 6 by the end of the year.

Solidify My Morning Routine. I've been working on this for awhile now. I want to incorporate stretching, meditation, Lumosity (online brain games), and a little reading and journaling into my morning before I start my work day. I haven't come up with the right flow yet to make it work well enough to turn it into a habit. Continue working and tweaking until I have a flow that works!

Project Goals:

Repaint the Main Floor. Right now more of the house needs painting than not. But the mustard yellow walls and the red accent wall in the sun room MUST GO. I'm so over mustard yellow. I'm wanting a nice neutral grey throughout the downstairs with a dark grey accent wall in the sun room and a blue grey accent color on the fireplace wall in the family room.  We need to get this project started soon because we will want to do it when we can keep windows open.

Fill Out Life Organizer: The Life Organizer is a 3 ring binder I purchased that gives you one place to store copies of all the important stuff - birth and marriage certificates, deeds, mortgage info, banking info, 401K info, life insurance, etc. with notations as to where the originals are stored.... So that in the event something happens to you, your loved ones don't have to dig through file drawers and boxes to take care of business.  Jay's been asking for quite awhile for me to compile all this info.  I have the tool.  I just need to start filling it in.

Continue Decluttering: While Jay is on board we have so many more areas where STUFF is stored that just needs to leave.  So I'm still going for that goal of removing 2019 items from my home by the end of 2019. Yes, it is seriously ambitious. But I have little doubt that there is that much that could leave if we got ruthless about it.

Thank you Lee for inspiring this list! I feel so much more ready to dive into the second half of this year and I have renewed hope and enthusiasm around reaching my goals.

How do you plan to finish out 2019?

Friday, May 17, 2019

A LOT Can Change in a Month

Since the last time I stopped by here:

My mother passed in the early morning hours of Easter Sunday.  She donated her body to a research university in Texas for the study of her very rare form of cancer.  I'll be traveling to Texas to attend her Celebration of Life service on June 1st.
The day after Easter I embarked on a whirlwind tour for work - April 22-25 at the Conga Connect conference in New York City, April 28-May 1 at the ACC Xchange conference in Minneapolis, May 6-8 in Rockville MD for meetings. My time at home was mostly spent unpacking and re-packing for the next trip!

I've actually been home this week, but not sitting still by any means!

On Wednesday evening, our daughter Becca graduated... her 2nd degree... a little bit backwards...

Becca graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Exercise Science.  A brief stint in nursing school and back to the drawing board. She got a job in a Physical Therapy office and that changed everything. A year after graduating college, she was back at Lehigh Carbon Community College in their Physical Therapy Assistant Program. The program is competitive - she had to convince them to even interview her for a spot and she's worked her tail off the past two years to stay in the program and finish.  They only accept 36 students a year.  Of that 36, only 24 graduated.  She struggled through some of the courses (Kinesiology AGAIN) but she stuck with it.  And here we are! She now has an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences from the Physical Therapy Assistant program.  She's more proud of this degree than her BS and rightfully so - she's never worked so hard for anything in her life!  I'm so proud of her accomplishment! Now for the Boards...

Next up?  We're off to visit a famous mouse, a castle, a school for witches and wizards...  I'm almost too tired to begin this next journey but it is upon us, so here I go!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Creative Team Share

Since I haven't been blogging much of late, I realize it has been seemingly forever since I've shared anything that I've done for a Creative Team.  Time to remedy that!  Most of these were created in March, so I'm not soooo far behind.  Although there are a couple from January (yikes!) and the last two layouts are actually from April!  Here we go...

Created with Manu Design Studio Remnants of The Past kit.  The photos are me and my sister Deanna in the mid 1960's.

Created with Tami Miller Designs Come The Spring Collection.  These photos are actually from last Spring.  We aren't quite that far along here yet.  But soon!

Created with Tami Miller Designs Create Happiness Collection and Photo Sketch service.

Created with Tami Miller Designs Words to Live By: Kindness Collection.   I pulled photos from my 2014 Year of Kindness blog entries for this one.

Created with Tami Miller Designs Words to Live By: Remember Collection.  As I create this post, my Mother is still with us, although not doing well at all right now, so when this kit came out, I preemptively made this layout.  I know that day will live in her heart forever, just as she will in mine.

The next two were created with Tami Miller Designs Romantic Blush Collection.  The first is Sarah getting ready for her Junior Prom... twelve years ago...

and Becca on board a ship headed for the Bahamas... even longer ago...

These last two are from Tami Miller Designs recently re-released kit Selfie.  The first is me holding my new grandpuppy Millie.  She's Rachel's dog, a rescue, about 3 or 4 months old. Retriever/Shepherd mix. I've never been too keen on dogs (I'm a cat person), but Millie is special.  So sweet and smart.  And she doesn't jump on you or bark unnecessarily - two very good traits in a dog!

And last but not least - a true selfie of me at the beginning of this year with my word "healthy" in mind.

My Creative Team digiscrapping has been about the extent of my creativity this year. I just don't seem to have it in me right now. I know my mojo will eventually return so for now I'm happy with getting this much done. What have you created lately???

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Twenty Days Later

It was twenty days ago that I posted "Sometimes Life is Just... Hard."  It hasn't really stopped being hard, but there have been a few bright spots here and there.

My daughters and I went to Frisco, TX  on February 22nd to spend a little time with my mother. For Rachel and Becca it was a short visit - we all arrived on Friday night, they left on Sunday.  Sarah and I stayed until Wednesday. At this point my mother is pretty much house-bound, spending her life in jammies for comfort. Her tumor is mid-abdomen and sort of makes her look pregnant, so she's wearing clothing two sizes too big in order to fit around her middle. The tumor is pressing on her stomach and digestive system, making it very difficult for her to eat. She was in good spirits while we were there, but I don't think it lasted much beyond our visit. I did what I could for her, which wasn't much, but such as it was, I felt good about it.

We were at the airport on Wednesday, waiting to get on our flight home, when Sarah got a text from her friend Brianna who has been battling colon cancer for the past two years. Doctors said she might only have a few days left and Brianna wanted to know if Sarah could get to D.C.  So we got home (my house), I did all Sarah's laundry, and she left Thursday morning to drive to D.C.  She had to drive there and back same day because she had an intensive two day class to attend on Friday/Saturday and couldn't get out of it without losing the tuition money and taking a failing grade. It was a rough few days for Sarah.

Sunday (March 3) was a good day.  I met my new grandpuppy Millie.  Rachel brought her home from the SPCA on Saturday.  She's a retriever/shepherd mix and has the sweetest disposition.

We made it home from our visit to Manyunk just as the snow began to fall.

And woke up Monday morning (March 4) to this:

8" of heavy wet snow.  So glad I didn't have to shovel!

This past week life felt like it was starting to settle back into routine, except that I wasn't able to concentrate on anything and got a fat nothing done for work.

Thursday (March 7) was Rachel's surgery. I'm happy to say that went extremely well. The surgeon got clear margins on the first cut and was actually able to close Rachel's shin without doing a skin graft - so no donor site stitches and scarring! Rachel came out of anesthesia much better this time and was quickly in good spirits. The "closure" is a mixture of stitches, glue, and tape and if it holds, it looks like the scar will be 3-4" long but very thin. Fingers crossed!  It is hard to be 25 years old and find yourself getting covered in surgical scars.

Brianna passed away on Friday afternoon. She was only 31 years old and, according to Sarah, one of the best people she's ever known. My heart is breaking for Sarah, for Brianna's family and friends, and for everyone who has had their life changed by cancer in one way or another.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sometimes Life is Just.... Hard.

I know that February is more than 1/2 over and this is my first post.  Sometimes life just takes over and when you can no longer tell which end is up, blogging falls by the wayside. 

I'm 4 weeks into the 6 week Whole Life Challenge.  Eating healthier, moving more - only missed one day of tracking my score - and the scale hasn't budged at all.  Neither have my measurements.  Or my pain levels.  Or anything by which I could claim some success for avoiding bread, pasta, and sugar in any form.  So let me just say this once - this SUCKS and it is so NOT FAIR!  Okay, end of pity party.  I know this means I have to drastically up my exercise game.  I hope Spring comes soon, because getting to a gym is not always in the cards, but walking around the block could be.  Just not when it is winter cold out!

Since I last posted, a lot of "news" has been dumped on me.  Here's what I'm dealing with right now...

My boss of 12+ years (the CEO of our company) is leaving on March 15th.  I report directly to him.  I'm not terribly concerned about job security, just unsettled about who his replacement might be and how that will change the rhythm of my work and what is expected of me.

My daughter Rachel has a tiny mole on her shin that needs to be removed - severe atypia -  the stage just before cancer.  But because of the location, there isn't enough skin to cut and stitch, so she'll need a skin graft to replace the skin they remove on her shin.  Surgery, two more scars, one very upset, angry, frustrated kid.  As of right now, surgery is scheduled for March 7th.

I'm in physical therapy for plantar fasciitis. Home stretches and icing didn't make any improvement.  New shoes and insoles didn't make any improvement.  If the PT fails, I'm stuck with cortisone injections which frankly scares the bejeebers out of me.  Hoping very much to avoid!

My sister Deanna has hit a rough patch personally that is going to require her to move out of the place she just moved into at the beginning of the year.  She's weighing life options right now.  Looking at moving closer to her job in Memphis, or possibly back this way.  Either option involves major life changes and lots to think about.  Can you guess which option I'm rooting for?

My mother went into hospice care on Wednesday of last week.  I'm heading to Dallas this coming Friday with my daughters to see her before things get worse.  I'm looking forward to seeing her, but having a very hard time dealing with the reason for the trip.

Last, but by no means least, our sweet Ashley turned 18 today.  She's definitely showing her age and I think she has kitty dementia.  She often seems confused about where she is or why she went there. We are enjoying the last bit of time we have with her, but none of us thinks it will last very long.

I know that none of this is out of the ordinary; it's all to-be-expected life changes in a world where change is the only constant, the only thing truly guaranteed.  But sometimes, it's just.... hard.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Best of 2018

As with most years of my life, 2018 was a mix of fantastic, average good and very sad.

I got to visit Huntington Beach, CA (work trip), Boone NC (with my sis), New York City (family trip), Ocean City NJ (family vacation), Orlando FL (work trip), and Kauai, HI (getaway with Jay).

I made NINE trips to Maryland for work - gone an average of 3-4 days each time.

We lost our beloved pet Kira in August.  She was 17.  Thankfully, her sister Ashley is still going strong.  Ashley had been very sick in 2017 and we thought we were going to lose her then, so the fact that she has outlived Kira was a surprise to us.

Made with Tami Miller Designs Love Birds kit, currently on sale HERE.

I PLAYed more.

I lost some weight and gained most of it back (story of my life).

We had a lot of good family time.

I got a new car!  2019 Honda Pilot, dark grey.  Very nice ride.  I don't miss the Odyssey at all.

Becca passed all her PTA program exams and just has this semester of clinical rotations to finish, then the Boards and she'll be a Physical Therapy Assistant.  Lots of anxiety getting this far, but we are on the final stretch.  Mom could not be more proud!

"Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But it's your CHOICE to either scream or to enjoy the ride." (unknown)    I'm choosing to enjoy the ride!  How about you?

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Welcoming 2019 - Time to Get HEALTHY!

Saying goodbye to 2018 took me some time.  I'm still working on getting myself fully organized for 2019.

2018 was my year to PLAY - for six months I mostly kept up with LifeBook 2018 and enjoyed the new art ideas to which I was being exposed.  Then I joined a Creative Team whose designer passed away from cancer two months after I signed on, joined three other creative teams from her shop only to have the shop close, and followed those designers to new shops.  All of which completely distracted me from LifeBook.  I was still PLAYing - albeit it digitally - so I considered my word and my involvement with it to be a success.

This year I'd like to get back to the LifeBook version of art-ing.  I've signed on for LifeBook 2019, but so far I haven't even managed to get through the first lesson.

Totally aside from PLAY, during the first six months of 2018 I focused on my health - my weight and my physical condition.  I joined WW and lost some weight; unfortunately gained the majority of it back during the second half of 2018 - between trips to the Jersey shore and Kauai, travel for work, and the holidays.  Honestly, I will probably always struggle with my weight.  Bad combination of insatiable appetite and slow metabolism.

So... 2019.... knowing that I really want to get HEALTHY so that I can enjoy and actively participate in the rest of my life - rather than merely surviving it or suffering through it - I decided to make HEALTHY my word for the year.  My primary focus is on my physical health and I have some goals in that regard.

 I am participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word class this year, but probably won't be doing many of the album prompts this year because I'm adding this to my daily planner rather than keeping a separate album.  I want everything together where I see it all the time.

I'm also thinking about my mental, emotional, and spiritual health - as well as having a healthy home, healthy marriage, healthy relationships... you get the idea - healthy can truly encompass the entirety of your life and being!

I've started classes at a local gym (began in December) and I've signed up for the Whole Life Challenge that starts this coming Saturday, the 19th.  Check it out HERE and think about joining me - I'd love to have some of my blog friends on my team!

This challenge ties in so neatly with everything that I'm trying to do this year, and the price was quite reasonable, so I couldn't not give it a shot!

To keep myself accountable and be fully transparent about what I'm doing, here is my "before" picture, complete with belly.  Ugh.

I've also joined Cathy Zielski's FIT class again, but that's mostly for her monthly inspirational audio.  I'll be tracking my stats in my daily planner:

I really like that this keeps everything together - how well I slept, how many steps I took (which for the winter months isn't as important to me as getting in some exercise classes), how much water I drank. The facing page tracks my weight and measurements, my monthly goal, and how I did.  Not quite ready to share that.  I'm also writing in a page each month of daily gratitude entries.

So those are the plans... and here are some of the goals for the year:

Created with Tami Miller's "Love Life" kit which released today at Scrap Girls.

What are your goals for 2019?