Monday, March 16, 2020

LOAD 220 - second attempt

I don't know why Blogger is blocking my photos. I even tried changing out the web versions for the original hi-res photos and it's still showing as a big empty square on my original post, despite the fact that the photos were there when I first posted. I seriously don't get technology sometimes!  So I'm trying again with a brand new post...

"Can you SEE me now?"

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

LOAD 220

My first attempt at participating in Layout A Day in many years was an epic fail.  In 29 days I managed only 4 layouts!

There was Jay's Birthday layout and my Christmas Cards spread which I shared HERE.

And these (both of which are self-explanatory):

Hopefully by May's round of LOAD, I'll be in more of a groove with my job search efforts and able to participate more fully in LOAD!  Have you ever tried a LOAD challenge?

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Unread Bookshelf

I first heard about The Unread Shelf Project from a post by Karen on Random Reflections

I was immediately taken with the concept and decided to implement it myself.  Thanks for the link Karen!  I'm not really following along with the monthly challenges, I'm just trying to whittle down my unread shelf throughout the year.  Either read or donate (or read, then donate) so that at the end of the year, these books are all on my "already read but want to keep" bookshelf or off to new homes.  Which would be easier if I would stop buying new books! Between books gifted to me and ones I've bought, I own a fairly complete reference section on job searching now!

Here's my Unread Shelf:

At the far left are Bella Grace magazines and several art books that are out for reference and aren't truly part of the challenge.  Starting with "God is At Eye Level" (a photography book) are the unread books culled from all over the house that I want to read or let go of this year. I've read The Gifts of Imperfection several times, but feel the need to read it again and choose one of these copies (both I've highlighted) to keep permanently.

Interestingly, not a single piece of fiction on that shelf! Most of the fiction I've "read" in the past several years has been Audible books.

The six books laying across the top are the ones I've already completed since January 1, 2020.  I also re-read Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt but that one is currently on loan to Sarah.

With the exception of Rising Strong by Brene Brown which I'm halfway through, I've FINISHED all of the unread books on my Audible subscription and cancelled the subscription. I learned that I can borrow audio books for free through the Philadelphia Library. 

Audible books completed this year include:
The Minimalist Way by Erica Layne
The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman
Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K. White (this one really helped when I tackled my craft space)
Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo
The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah (second novel I've "read" by this author and I really like her style).

What are you reading???

Sunday, March 1, 2020

One Little Word - RISE

February Update

I did not participate in Ali's February lesson to create a vision board.

Why not?

Because I had already done it in January!

This year I am using the Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets Goal Planner for yearly/monthly goal planning in an attempt to be very intentional about my goals for the year.  I bought the 2020 dated version which is completely sold out, but you can still get the six month undated version.

There was actually a page built into the planner for you do build a vision board on.. And I filled it with everything I hoped to manifest this year... health, fitness, creativity, decluttering, vacations, enjoying life, Becca's wedding, and my job search are all represented in this page.  No need to reinvent just for OLW.

At the beginning of each month, I revisit my goals for the year and decide what I'm working on for that month within that month's tab in the PowerSheets planner. 

I then transfer that information into my Plum Paper monthly/weekly planner which houses all my appointments, tasks, etc. I have the 7x9 planner with the horizontal notes/week layout. It may seem like a lot of work to keep two planners going, but I'm finding this to be a fantastic way to reconnect each month with my overall intentions for the year while still having a planner that I refer to daily for tasks, meals, appointments, etc. I also keep a daily gratitude journal on one of the monthly lined pages and have the Fitness Add On page each month to track steps, sleep, exercise, etc.

RISE and I are getting along just fine for now.  I'm making baby steps forward in a lot of areas, less progress in others, but overall doing well.  How are you getting along with your One Little Word?