Monday, August 31, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 4 - the Monday Wave Edition

I've been home from our family trip to the shore for nine days now... and I'm still catching up with my life!

Here are a few more scavenger hunt photos I managed during the month of August:

#6 A Metal Bridge.  This is the bridge connecting New Hope PA to Lambertville NJ. We cross it almost every week on our way to the Golden Nugget Flea Market.  The entire bridge is metal - even the road surface that you drive on. Which means it hums and vibrates as you are driving over it.  I hate it!

#18 - overloaded trash truck on the Boardwalk

#3 - A person walking a dog. 

Alternative A - People Eating Outside - my family at the Baia Restaurant (bayside in Somers Point NJ).  This was a covered deck with an open side and a great view of the bay (you can see the reflection of it in the windows behind them) 

#8 Someone "plugged in" to social media.  All three girls on their cell phones posting to Instagram and Snap Chat.  They are pretty good about leaving the phones alone during the meal. This was after dessert and we were just waiting for the check to be processed.

#13 A Carousel.  This one is at the Cape May County Zoo. No horses on this carousel - it is all zoo animals.

#18 Overloaded Car.  This is the back of my van loaded up with Becca's stuff for back to college.  It would have been far worse, but she was able to leave a lot of her stuff at Rachel's room over the Summer AND we took two cars, so the stuff Rachel was taking back (mostly clothing and toiletries) was in the other vehicle.  There was stuff in both middle seats and on the floor as well - Only the front driver and passenger seat left room for people!

So now the girls are all back at their respective homes away from home and I'm settling back into life here. Linking up with Rinda's Scavenger Hunt and waving hello to Sian and all the Monday wavers!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Me On Monday - the Anniversary Edition

THIRTY YEARS AGO TODAY... I married this man...
I was young, in love, naive, but pretty sure of myself...

Today we celebrate thirty years together...
(Okay this photo was two years ago, but I don't have anything more recent that is fit to be posted)

We usually don't make a big deal out of anniversaries, but I think after the disaster of our 25th, this one had to go better!
Yesterday he brought home a dozen red roses.

This morning he gave me a beautiful card.

I separated the flowers into two vases so I could have some in the kitchen and some in the office. I almost never get to enjoy flowers in my office!

(This counts as #1 A Bouquet of Flowers for Rinda's Scavenger Hunt).

Tonight we are going out to dinner. Trying out Bonefish Grill which is new to us.

My real "gift" will be purchased shortly.  The contemporary gift for a 30th wedding anniversary is diamonds. And I had an opportunity while in Ocean City with Deanna last month to do a little advance scouting... [to be continued]...

Waiving Hi to Sian and all the other Monday waivers.