Friday, September 13, 2019

TGIF | September 13, 2019

*with thanks to Brene Brown for this meme.

Trusting that my crazy schedule for the next 8 weeks won't kill me!  Traveling 4 out of 8 weeks - all work related.

Grateful for the cooler weather, beach time, my TRX class, and an awesome massage therapist.  

Inspired by all the wedding ideas available on Pinterest.  Seriously considering acquiring a Cricut Maker to aid in making some of Becca's desires a reality. Anyone own one and care to share their experience? Or a Silhouette Cameo?

Had Fun! playing Exploding Kittens during a rainy remnants-of-Hurricane-Dorian day at the beach.  First time for most of us!  

Our end of summer shore weekend was cut short by Sarah contracting some nasty upper respiratory infection + bronchitis + stomach upset, which was apparently bacterial as none of the rest of us got sick despite sharing confined quarters with her.  After several days on antibiotics she is on the mend.

Jay & I took advantage of the extra day at home to visit 5 different kitchen/bath showrooms.  More Fun! Our heads are now spinning with information on toilets, tubs, vanities, sinks, faucets, oh my! ... a lot of planning yet to do, but new bathrooms are in our future, although still possibly a year or more down the road.

Also had Fun! creating Save the Date cards for Becca this week.  Here's a version minus the pertinent information:

Their engagement photos were gorgeous!  My apologies to all of you if my posts over the next year get a little wedding heavy.  It's currently the biggest deal going on in my life! 😊