Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Checking In

Here it is, the last day of May.    How did we get here already?  This year is going by much too quickly for me.

Mail was good to me last week.

Two hand-made cards arrived to celebrate my birthday - the one in front from our very own Karen.  And the package from my sister contained a book from my Amazon wish list
along with a very sweet note!

Thanks to the Memorial Day holiday falling just right this year, I actually had my birthday off.  Sarah gave me the gift of her time and came over to help me start cleaning my craft room.  It's a big job and is going to take a lot more time than we had together, but a solid start was made that resulted in this:

  Yes, we "found" my craft table under piles of stuff!  It is now set up and ready for me to play.  Which will be my goal before the week is out.  To actually go play.  And then clean up the mess when I am done so it will be ready to play the next opportunity I get!

For those of you who have done serious craft space purging and decluttering... how do you decide what stays and what goes?  I can be ruthless with my clothing, jewelry, kitchen stuff... but when it comes to my craft supplies I freeze.  Everything has multiple potential uses.  I can't get rid of anything.  (Says the woman who before Monday had FOUR Fiskars 12" trimmers!  I did thin that down to two - gave one to Sarah and put one in the donate pile).  But I don't have room to store it all which is why so much ends up in residence on my table and then I have no space to play and create.  I seriously need an intervention!  Any thoughts????

Monday, May 8, 2017

Memos, Mail & Me: On The Road Again

Linking up with Sian and all the Mondayers...

I went to Belize with my sister Deanna

- we both were desperately in need of...

... some away time

... some down time

... some disconnected time

and Belize was just what the doctor ordered!
Visiting the Mayan Ruins at Xunatunich

It was fantastic! We spent most of the time just chilling and getting to know the staff at the resort. Except for the one day that we did a day tour to the mainland - hiked the mayan ruins at Xunatunich, zip-lined through the rain forest, and went water tubing through a cave, and came home physically exhausted but emotionally exhilirated.

And could barely walk for the next two days! We exercised muscles that have likely gone long unused. But it was what my spirit needed to refresh. Just what the doctor ordered.

But the doctor would have advised against this....

Got this my last day at the resort while sitting in the shade, under an umbrella... not just a sunburn, but some kind of rash on my legs and tops of my feet... possibly an allergic reaction to the kelp we waded through for all of about 30 seconds... itched, burned, stung for days.  I came home May 1st and the rash is finally gone, just sunburn remains, waiting to peel...

And now it's May 8th and I'm on the road again - back to Rockville and Baltimore for work.  And suddenly I'm not dreaming of away time... can you believe I'm dreaming of just staying home for a bit?

Mail?  Just bills and sales flyers. 😒