Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Creative Team Share

Since I haven't been blogging much of late, I realize it has been seemingly forever since I've shared anything that I've done for a Creative Team.  Time to remedy that!  Most of these were created in March, so I'm not soooo far behind.  Although there are a couple from January (yikes!) and the last two layouts are actually from April!  Here we go...

Created with Manu Design Studio Remnants of The Past kit.  The photos are me and my sister Deanna in the mid 1960's.

Created with Tami Miller Designs Come The Spring Collection.  These photos are actually from last Spring.  We aren't quite that far along here yet.  But soon!

Created with Tami Miller Designs Create Happiness Collection and Photo Sketch service.

Created with Tami Miller Designs Words to Live By: Kindness Collection.   I pulled photos from my 2014 Year of Kindness blog entries for this one.

Created with Tami Miller Designs Words to Live By: Remember Collection.  As I create this post, my Mother is still with us, although not doing well at all right now, so when this kit came out, I preemptively made this layout.  I know that day will live in her heart forever, just as she will in mine.

The next two were created with Tami Miller Designs Romantic Blush Collection.  The first is Sarah getting ready for her Junior Prom... twelve years ago...

and Becca on board a ship headed for the Bahamas... even longer ago...

These last two are from Tami Miller Designs recently re-released kit Selfie.  The first is me holding my new grandpuppy Millie.  She's Rachel's dog, a rescue, about 3 or 4 months old. Retriever/Shepherd mix. I've never been too keen on dogs (I'm a cat person), but Millie is special.  So sweet and smart.  And she doesn't jump on you or bark unnecessarily - two very good traits in a dog!

And last but not least - a true selfie of me at the beginning of this year with my word "healthy" in mind.

My Creative Team digiscrapping has been about the extent of my creativity this year. I just don't seem to have it in me right now. I know my mojo will eventually return so for now I'm happy with getting this much done. What have you created lately???