Monday, April 4, 2011

Pass The Book

Two quick announcements here:

Blogging for Bliss has left it's stay in Canada with Lee and is on its way to visit Jacky in the UK for the next round of the Blogging for Bliss Round Robin.  Jacky - be sure to let me know when it arrives!


I have just finished reading Inner Excavation.  I had this book on my Amazon wish list before learning that I had won a chance at it in Sian's Pass the Book.  Now that I've read the book, I'm seriously considering putting it back on my wish list!  Yes, it was that good.  Actually, I think this book would make an excellent eCourse, working through the "tasks" with a group of likeminded women would be awesome!

You might like this book if you:

  • enjoy photography
  • enjoy poetry
  • enjoy mixed media art
  • like learning more about yourself
  • are open to being led through a series of creative exercises
  • are inspired by the art and photography of others.
Okay, so if you want a chance at this book, leave me a comment and your name will go in the drawing, which I will do next Monday.  For those of you new to my blog, or new to the Pass the Book concept, you agree to pass the book on through YOUR blog after you have finished reading it!  Check Sian's blog for more details.


scrappyjacky said...

Am looking forward to the blogging book,Cheri....and please put me in for a chance of the other one as well!!

furrypig said...

Both books sound great! I would love to join in with pass the book, I haven't been lucky enough to 'win' yet!! i am keeping my fingers crossed that inner excavation might be the book for me!! Thanks for the chance Cheri xxx

Melissa said...

This one sounds good to me, too. (I think almost all books sound good to me, LOL.)

Unknown said...

Sounds very interesting... please add me to the pool of potentials too. :)

humel said...

Oh, exciting! Sian chooses such wonderful books, I'd love a chance to see this one too :-)

Anonymous said...

Inner Excavation sounds great. If I'm not too late for the drawing, I'd like to be included.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, these both sounds fabulous; adding them to my Amazon wish list right now. No need to add me to your drawing, since it would most likely get lost if I did win, but good luck to everyone else! What a nice idea, only wish I could Play {sad face}, LOL! scrappysue x

Maria Ontiveros said...

Would love to read inner excavations - please put me in the draw.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Please add me to the list of those who'd love to get their hands on this book! :o)

WendyB said...

Ooh both books look interesting. I'd love the chance to play pass the book.

Jo.C said...

Wow - I never knew there was so much to this blogging lark. I feel I have missed out for years :0)
It looks a very interesting book.