Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picture Inspiration 5/52

I've let myself get way behind in Picture Inspiration.  Over the last month, it was a combination of not feeling well, the weather being too miserable to be outside, and being totally bored with taking photos in my home.

But April 11 was one of those absolutely glorious Spring days that bring a hint of Summer - with temps in the upper 70's, beautiful sunshine, birds chirping... the outside was just calling me.  I threw open a lot of the windows and chased the (hopefully) last bit of winter chill out of the house, then headed out to a local park for a photo walk.

The Week 5 Picture Inspiration prompt was "to Infinity and Beyond".  When I first arrived at the park (near the ball fields) I snapped this photo of the temporary fencing. Does it look like it stretches to infinity?

As you can tell from the bare trees, Spring hasn't fully sprung in my neck of the woods yet.  But it is trying!

Heading onto the walking/biking path that runs along Perkiomen Creek, I was greeted by this harbinger of Spring.  Yes, daffodils apparently ARE blooming in my sleepy little town!

My final "best" shot for Infinity and Beyond.

Our weather has settled back into rainy, grey, and mid-50's for the next few days. But I sure enjoyed that little taste of Spring!  More on my photo walk tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

They're all beautiful, Cheri!! Thank you for sharing.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Gorgeous photos, Cheri! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Both shots for infinity work great, and we have a bouquet of daffodils on our table that came from our very own yard (instead of the grocery store). It's once again cold and damp, but there's definitely hope!

Jo said...

Great photos

Ade said...

Love that daffodil - they are my favourite!