Sunday, January 16, 2011

Picture Winter - 16

"All Wrapped Up"

Today's prompt asked us to use the mundane subject of towels "to evoke some kind of emotion."  Being at a weekend crop at a hotel, I had the fancy hotel folding at my disposal!

#1 Using the Pioneer Woman "Sepia" action.  I even incorporated a little of myself in this one!
#2 using Pioneer Woman "Vintage" action. This action definitely gets a nod for dramatic effect!
#3 using the Pioneer Woman "lovely" action.  I love the definition and texture on this one.

I honestly couldn't say which of the three photos I like best. I posted in the Picture Winter gallery this morning and the Vintage one seems to be the favorite among the students there.

What do you think? Do any of these "evoke some kind of emotion" for you?


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I think the third is my favorite. And the emotion that comes up for me is that I really want a vacation where someone will fold pretty towels for me! I'm glad you got to get away! xo

alexa said...

I'm liking the Lovely one - such great texture. The emotion? A yearning for softness and relaxation and a spa-day!

Sian said...

I really like the third one - it has a very pleasing clarity about it - kind of emphasizes the clean towels

Melissa said...

I really like all three, but I think the uniqueness of the first one with your reflection is the most unique. These remind me of traveling and make me want to take a trip!

Anonymous said...

Nice take on the prompt! And fun on weekend crop!

Rachel said...

The third is hands down my favorite. The texture on that towel definitely evokes feelings. Like, mmmmmm, a long hot shower would feel great right now! :)
Very nice.

Kelly Miller said...

I like the 3rd one the best, but I think the 2nd one evokes the most emotion for me.

humel said...

I like the middle one because of the reflection and symmetry - as for emotion, it sort of evokes 'satisfaction'! I do find symmetry satisfying!!