Friday, January 7, 2011

Fitness Friday

Tales from the Scale - 175.5  Yes, that is the wrong direction. Up two pounds from my lowest weight so far. But given all the celebrations (Christmas, New Years, Sarah's send-off dinner last night), I'm not surprised or upset. Or beating myself up over it. Just getting back on track now and looking forward to the changes this new year will bring for me!

Body Wars - I was released from physical therapy on December 28th! That's a milestone that has left me both excited and nervous. I don't want to forget the lessons I have learned over the past several months.  This week I managed to do a 1/2 hour of yoga/stretching every morning and made it to the gym to work out once.  I hope to improve on that next week.


Melissa said...

My scale was up a couple of pounds last week, but back down those two this week. Congrats on the release from PT! I thought of you yesterday after my stationary bike ride; I don't usually stretch afterwards, but I've been sore this week and could "hear" you saying Don't forget to stretch everyday. LOL

humel said...

That's a good, healthy attitude :-) I hope your fitness journey goes well through 2011! xx