Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Eight

Ornamental lucky bamboo plant.

Ornamental plate.

I'm all out of order again - we had a busy weekend and now a crazier week on tap, and I have a really bad sore throat that is keeping me from sleeping properly.  I've skipped seven - awaiting a chance to do an art journal page for that. These are my photos for "ornament."


humel said...

Oh no - hope your throat is better now xx

Love your ornamental photos :-) I'm not sure where to go with this prompt yet!

Cheryl said...

Lovely photo, hope you are feeling better x

Sian said...

I hope your throat is feeling a lot better x

Carrie said...

Cool takes! Love your bamboo - mine is very small - in little fish bowl but my cat came along and now leafless. Which reminds me I need to look up if the leaves will come back. lol