Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

will always get squashed by a cold!   Yes, my sore throat has blossomed into a full-blown head cold complete with stuffy nose (literally can not breathe), sinus pressure, headaches, naggy little cough - the works. I was out most of today and had no tissues with me, so spent the day blowing my poor nose with napkins.  Needless to say right now my nose is none too happy with me! Since I've been home, at least I'm using tissues. But my computer desk is starting to look like this:

I'm determined not to let it slow me down. Too much. So for today, I'm here to document my summer line-up of classes. Creativity Boot Camp ends tomorrow and I am now a full four prompts behind. I haven't touched my camera in days.  But I'm going to use the last two weeks of June to catch up on CBC and on my other photography course "Captured Through The Lens" which I am woefully behind on and which ends June 30th.

Beyond that I've signed myself up for:

Computer Tricks For Cards - This is a week long FREE class at that runs June 28 -July 4th. It perfectly fills the time while waiting for Shimelle's new class to start!

Picture Summer - This 30 day course (running the month of July) over at Big Picture Scrapbooking is going to be so much fun! I ADORED Picture Spring and honestly was happier during those 30 days of seeing my little world in new ways than I had been for quite some time. Tracey Clark is a wonderful, involved, teacher.  Seriously I can't wait! - her "new" class - the details of which haven't even been fully disclosed yet - runs July 5th - 31st. This overlaps with Picture Summer, but heck, I can't resist a Shimelle class!  Especially one with an early-bird discount - if you hurry on over, you can probably still get it!  And the class will still be there in August if I need to play catch-up - I do intend to focus on Picture Summer first.

Inspiration StayCation - this week long FREE class over at Kim Klassen's blog runs August 2-6.  I figure for free it is worth checking out. It sounds interesting anyway. I've only recently discovered Kim's blog, so have no experience there, but I'm game.

So that's my run-down. My girls are happily trading information on their course loads for next year to see who is in their classes. So are any of you in my classes????

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Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I'll be with you for PS and Stay-Cation! Can't wait!!! Hope you feel better very soon. ♥tlb

Jan Connair said...

I was sympathetic the minute you mentioned having a cold, but when you said you had to use napkins to blow your nose all day, I really felt for you. My secret for a sore nose when I have a cold is Lansinoh. It's a lanolin ointment made for nursing mothers, but I keep a tube to put on a sore nose at night. By morning, it's always 100% better. I think you can get the stuff at Target in the baby section. At least, that's where I got my last tube a few years ago.

scrappyjacky said...

Feel better soon,Cheri.
Will be joining you at Shimelles...can't resist one of her classes.....even though I'm away for part of it. Have also signed up for Jessica's...not sure if it's my thing really...but, hey, it's worth a try!

Sian said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon.That sounds like a really bad one.

I was just abou to sign up for PS when the Shimelle class came out so I've joined it. Still thinking about PS altho we'll be away for some of July.

Denise said...

Just found you via Deb's blog,I've signed up for Shimelle's class too - see you there.:-)

Anonymous said...

Hope the cold goes away quickly! Hate them any time of year, but a summer cold seems really unfair!

I'm signed up for Shimelle's class and Jessica's class and intend to do Picture Summer too, though I'm going to take off the pressure to keep up with all three. Nonetheless, I'm off to check out Kim's class as well. I've loved Creativity Bootcamp for lots of reasons. Still have two to go: Hush and today's.

Kelly Miller said...

Summer colds are such an injustice. Hope you're feeling better!

Amy said...

Oh you poor thing - I can sympathise completely, get well soon and take care - it will go eventually ..... I say that as mine is still hanging around after two weeks!

Carrie said...

Sorry you are under the weather - hope you feel better soon! I am in all the same classes - off to check out the Inspiration StayCation!

humel said...

Hope your cold is better now xx

I shall see you in Shimelle's class - just confirmed my registration this morning :-)