Saturday, July 26, 2014

Phone Photography

I am taking the new Phone Photography class at Big Picture Classes. I took the one last summer before I even had an iPhone.

Lesson One was on Light - finding the light.  I took this photo of the sun just peeking through the heavy cloud cover at the shore.  Do you see what I see???

Lesson Two was on Motion. And here is my attempt to stop the sea gulls in mid flight:

While I think these photos capture the essence of the lesson, I'm frustrated. EVERY photo I take with my iPhone is blurry. I keep reading how these phone cameras are supposed to be able to produce such great pictures. So how does one get CLARITY in an iPhone photo???  Any tips will be gratefully received!


scrappyjacky said...

Can't give you any tips....I don't even use my camera phone!!! But I do love that second photo.

Sian said...

I love that second photo too. The only tip I have is to make sure you tap to focus before you shoot. I was sorry to have missed this class. I didn't do last years and now I've missed this one too

Karen said...

Although we've had an email exchange about all this, I just thought of an app I like and have used called Perfectly Clear. It might help, but I'd read up on it before I downloaded it. You did a great job of stopping motion with those sea gulls.

Miriam said...

I used to complain all the time that my iPhone pictures were rubbish! My son went out with me and gave me this advice which I have to say really worked for me. Hold the phone in the landscape manor with both hands, tap the screen to focus like Sian said, put your hand back on the camera and gently press the + button. Ben said my photos were shaky/blurry because I wasn't holding the camera still enough. Holding the phone the other way around really helps you to steady the thing. I am now able to take pictures which I am pleased with holding the phone either which way. x

Melissa said...

I really like the seagull shot! I get a variety of looks with my iPhone, but tapping first is key to get rid of the blur. I haven't taken time to learn much more, so I'll be looking forward to more posts on what you learn!