Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Coming Soon - Life Tunes 2!

Last month in Life Tunes we considered our favorite "Summer Love" songs. I know many of you wanted to play along, but maybe just forgot... or ran out of time... or couldn't think of what song it would be... if you still want to do a Summer Love post, go for it! I'll visit! :)

This month my suggested theme is your favorite spiritually uplifting song. It can be a hymn, a christmas carol, or even a pop tune that touches your soul. I know when a song really touches me deep down, I have a very visceral and physical reaction. I get goose bumps all over and my scalp tingles. Call me weird if you want, I'm okay with it. A well sung version of Amazing Grace at the right moment will do it for me. This month I'll be creating a layout about this song, which gives me goosebumps every time I hear it:


I've heard numerous versions. I like K.D. Lang's the best. Of course, you are free to share about ANY song that is personally meaningful to you. Come back on the 15th to link up your blog post or scrapbook layout.


helena said...

oh yes I love her version - especially how she sang at the opening of the winter Olympics in Canada. Anther deeply uplifting song for me is 'He Aint Heavy He's my Brother'

Sian said...

Amazing Grace was my Grandpa's favourite

Melissa said...

This is a tough one for me as I have so very many favorites. Amazing Grace is definitely a special one - I'm already working on a post for next week! :>)

Maria Ontiveros said...

OMG - I once read the phrase "singing amazing grace out loud makes the worst situations more bearable, and I know it's true! I remember standing on the side of a road with a flat tire (in pre-cell phone days) and singing amazing grace to keep from crying.
I also really love a church hymn called "Turn to me."

Missus Wookie said...

I love the story behind Amazing Grace too. Not heard that song before - thank you for sharing it.