Thursday, July 24, 2014

Documenting The Every Day - Week 29

DLP Challenge - journal your wishes
SOC Challenge - Raspberry, Tangerine & Lemon

First off, I LOVE this citrus inspired color scheme! It was fun to work with.  I used a thank you card that I received from Karen as part of the art work because it went so beautifully with the theme. I had to trim it down just a tad to fit and I added the word "give" to acknowledge that I want to be grateful for all the things I already have before I start wishing for more!

When you open the flap, my "wishes" are revealed:
1) Make a living as an artist.
2) Live near the ocean (right now we are 2 hours from the shore, I'd like to be 10 minutes or so! Maybe even ocean view!)
3) Have a fully functional home office with REAL furniture.

Obviously #3 is shorter term and more easily realized, but someday I hope it is all three!


Sian said...

First of all today I want to wish you all the best with those wishes and second I want to thank you for the beautiful postcard which was waiting for me when we got back last night. A perfect choice! I've been reading back and enjoying...great thoughts on "compassion"

Karen said...

Another lovely spread. I have two weeks completed and ready to post, but am on the road. It's a long story, but I may get the post up before we leave Chicago. I'm enjoying the process and learning a lot.