Monday, May 9, 2011

Souvenirs Anyone?

As my loyal readers know, Sarah came home from London two weeks ago.

It has been a chaotic adjustment period around here, trying to fit her back into the routine that is established when she is away. Some members of my family deal better with change and adjustment than others. It keeps me on my toes, trying to referee.

Sarah came home bearing gifts. There were Oxford t-shirts, Chelsea gym bags, a London Starbucks mug.  And then there was my gift:

It was funny that the morning after she got home, my desk calendar read "Chocolate fixes everything."  Serendipity.

Apparently my daughter decided to bring me home a bar of chocolate from every country she visited while abroad!

In order to really appreciate the magnitude of this, I've numbered the bars in this photo and included descriptions below:
1. From a speciality store in Barcelona, Spain. The language on the bar is Catalan.  Apparently there are parts of Spain where they don't speak Spanish.  Who knew?

2. From a street market near St. Wenceslas Square in Prague.

3. from a shop in a tiny little town in Wales.  I will readily admit that geography was never my best subject, but I didn't even know that Wales was a country!

4. from the Eurostar terminal in Paris, France - because Sarah remembered on the way out of town.

5. from the Guinness store house in Dublin, Ireland.

6.  from a shop near the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

7.  from the Famous Grouse Whiskey Distillery in Scotland.

8.  another one from Rome.  Because Sarah went there twice.

9.  last, but not least, from the Waitrose grocery near Sarah's flat in London, England.

My plan with all these chocolate bars is to give them a try, one at a time, and then scrapbook the wrappers with my thoughts on the merits of the individual bars.

I tried my first one today.  The Famous Grouse Truffle Bar.  Why?  Because I was relatively sure I wouldn't like it and would be able to share.  First off, the bar is milk chocolate and I prefer dark chocolate.  Second, I don't drink much and really don't care for the taste of alcohol.  So hard for me to imagine that something flavored with whiskey is going to appeal to my palate.  I was right!  The smell the whiskey was evident as soon as the bar was unwrapped.  The flavor overpowered the chocolate.  Definitely not my cup of tea.  This one gets a 2 out of 10.  (Hey, there was chocolate involved!).

Anyone care to venture a guess which one I'm going to try next?


Fun Mama - Deanna said...

The Green & Black, since you like dark chocolate. I'm going to wager a guess that you won't like the Guiness bar either. I love the idea of getting chocolate bars as souvenirs! It's too bad that domestic traveling does not give us the opportunity to bring back things that we couldn't find at home.

scrappysue said...

Oh what fun gifts! I agree with Deanna, I reckon the dark choc (we get that in Dubai, its gorgeous; Oops sorry don't want to influence your score!). Have to say I would very much like to try Guinness choc, I love Irish beer. No idea they made such a thing!

Anonymous said...

I would go for the Green & Black one too. Mind you any chocolate is good chocolate!

scrappyjacky said...

If you like dark chocolate....then the Green and Black needs to be the one that isn't shared!!!!

Cheryl said...

Sarah rocks! What a brilliant idea. Despite the fact that I'm not a beer drinker, I have to say the Guinness one has caught my eye out of sheer curiosity.

Jo said...

What great presents and I can't wait to see the layouts you create with the wrappers. I love dark chocolate too so I would have the Green and Blacks......last! Can't wait to see what you pick next :)

alexa said...

What great gifts! Looking forward to seeing your ratings!

quiltingfool said...

#9, because it's dark chocolate. I also love dark chocolate and can do without milk chocolate.
What a great and inventive idea Sarah had, although it doesn't play well to your weight loss goal before your birthday. But I think it's a super idea, and would have loved it, and probably eaten every bar in secret, in a closet, without sharing!

MonicaB said...

Love those type of gifts! When I went to Europe I came home with a carry on suitcase full of chocolate for everyone!

I'm guessing you will try the Guinness Bar. I've had the Green & Black before and it's really good.

Julie Ann Rachelle Interior Design said...

I too was going to guess you'll try the Guiness next. LOL You've got a great daughter to bring you back so much chocolate!!!! Did she go into the Vatican? It's the most beautiful place. xoxo

Sian said...

You didn't know Wales was a country? Argh! My name is Welsh, because my dad was Welsh.

That's an amazing present - and that's coming from someone who doesn't really like chocolate! I'd take the Grouse (tho Bushmills is better) or the Guinness over the chocolate any day!

Jimjams said...

What a fab idea for gifts from DD's travels - and how disciplined not to have already nibbled on them. We've just come back from Barcelona where I thought my DD could practice her Spanish before this summer's exams ... WRONG ... capital of Catalunya and all the signs & posters were in Catalan. Great city though :D

Thanks for the supportive good wishes in the UKS comp - not asking for votes though ... what will be will be!

Anonymous said...

There are at least two clever women at your house...your daughter for a really unique gift (and she gets extra points if the chocolate isn't either broken or melted) and you for figuring out a great way to scrap these sweets. Here's hoping more of them please your palate than don't!