Monday, July 5, 2010

Picture Summer - 4


For the past several years we have made a tradition of purchasing home-style fireworks at the tent by the Dairy Queen and lighting them off after dark on the 4th.  It's our own little "show" at home because our town does their fourth of July celebration a week later.  These are the kind of fireworks that don't shoot up in the air. They just burn at ground level.  Here are my best four photos from last night, all taken with my Canon point & shoot in the "night shot" setting.  I admit to a little post-processing in PSE, adjusting shadows, highlights, and contrast to really make the colors pop.

The girls sit in the back of the cars (in the garage) to watch. And this is what I get when I try to take their photo. Just keeping it real.

Partway through our show - the aftermath of spent casings.

Despite their small size, they do make for a decent little light show and pretty photos.


Rachel said...

Love your firework pictures.

scrappyjacky said...

Love the photos...glad my kids aren't the only ones who react like that to the camera!!

quiltingfool said...

Very, very nice. Love the fireworks! Hope to see more of your photos on Picture Summer.

Sian said...

Fabulous fireworks pictures! For many years home fireworks were illegal here, so it's still an ambition of mine to have a home fireworks party.

humel said...

Great pics :-) (I get like that in front of the lens too lol!)

Carrie said...

Nice firework pics! Looks like fun!