Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

In the game of tag, you may be a free spirit one moment and the next you're "it" again. Just like that. In this round of blog tag, Kai tagged me back!  Here are the questions she wants me to answer:

1 - What’s in your garden, and if nothing, why not?

We planted dahlias, lillies and snapdragons a few weeks ago. This past weekend we added some new azaleas.  And we have two pots of impatiens on the front porch.
2 – What’s your favorite retro era and why?
The seventies. I came of age in the seventies. I loved disco. It's what I know best.
3 – What’s your favorite thing to do for pure entertainment (e.g. see the Opera, movies, have some beer at a pub with your friends, etc.)
Watch t.v. or rented movies at home (couch potato style) or scrapbook
4 – Do you have pets? If yes, what kind and why do you have them? If no, why not?
Yes, two cats - Ashley and Kira. We have cats because our lifestyle is not conducive to owning a dog, although DH and the girls would love to have one.
5 – You have a secret. Does it eat at you and you have a hard time keeping it in, or does it settle well and it’s safe with you forever?
I'm good at keeping secrets and once I have them, I tend to just file them away and not think about it.
6 – If you could have professional help in any way, what would it be (e.g. professional landscapers, professional cleaning crew, professional chef, etc.) and why?
I'd love a personal chef to make all the meals so I never have to cook again. But I'd also love a personal trainer to get this body into shape! Can I have two?
7 – What one actor or actress, still alive, would you want to have a private dinner with and why?
The first one that comes to mind is Antonio Banderas - because I always thought he was sexy and I love his accent. Haven't seen him in anything in awhile though - he's probably gone and gotten "old" on me!
8 – You are behind a locked door, perfectly safe for as long as you need to be. Something on the other side of the door gives you a weird feeling… a little scary, a little exciting… makes the hair on your skin stand on end, you don’t know if it’s good or bad. Would you open the door and confront it, or would you stay behind the door forever? (Deep one, huh?)
This depends.  Are my kids with me? What about my husband? When Jay is around, I let him take on the scary stuff like mice and spiders. But if he's not here, I've been known to step up to a challenge - like the time I caught a bat with just garden gloves on and released it outside, while my girls hid in the garage. They wouldn't come in the house until I got rid of it. When the maternal instinct kicks in, all bets are off.
9 – If you could go back in your past and change one single thing within your power to change, what would it be?
Despite having a less-than-stellar childhood, I wouldn't change it. I am who I am today because of the way I grew up. The only thing I ever totally regretted was one time (at age 19) where I stuck my nose in an issue that was no business of mine and hurt my closest friend in the process. I would take that back if I could. On the other hand, it was a life lesson well learned and a mistake not repeated since.
10 – What’s your favorite dessert? Please, be descriptive. :) I have a sweet tooth today.
I have a wicked sweet tooth and it is hard to pick ONE favorite. I've always loved hot fudge brownie sundaes, or mint chocolate chip hot fudge sundaes. Also chocolate chip cookies (warm from the oven is best) and brownies. Oh, and dark chocolate.  I see a pattern - basically CHOCOLATE!

Kai has been kind enough to let me off the hook for tagging more blog friends, but if you'd like to answer a question or two, please feel free to do so in the comments!


Kelly Miller said...

I am not surprised that you are a trustworthy secret keeper. Not surprised at all.

Also, #8 is also no surprise. ;)

scrappyjacky said...

Hot fudge brownie sundae.... mmmm.....sounds delicious.

humel said...

Chocolate..... Mmmm...... Sorry, drifted off for a moment there! Lovely to see your answers to these too :-)

Amy said...

Thank goodness the sweets question was last - I'm hungry now! I'd like a personal trainer too :-)

Sian said...

A personal chef is pretty high up my list too :)