Monday, May 3, 2010

Picture Spring - final post

Our last photo prompt was for 4/29 - to take a picture of "gatherings" - the gallery was filled with gorgeous photos of flower bouquets in beautiful containers and toddlers with chubby little fistfuls of hand-picked beauty. 
My photos were, unfortunately, uninspired by comparison. But the month is done, I'm already missing the course, and I can't wait for "Picture Summer"!  I hope many of you will join me.  Registration opens May 6th and class begins July 1st.  The course will show up on Big Picture Scrapbooking this week!


Kelly Miller said...

What are the flowers in your first picture? I've enjoyed the series -- can't wait for your summer pictures!

humel said...

Your pics look pretty darn gorgeous to me! :-) Must investigate Picture Summer, I've so enjoyed your Picture Spring xx

Cheryl said...

I love how vibrant the colors in your photos are.