Monday, May 3, 2010

Set it Sunday

Take a Second Glantz

Let me begin by saying, I spent the weekend unplugged. I didn't check email. I didn't visit blogs. I stayed away from the computer. I'd love to say that I made great use of the time and did all sorts of creative things for National Scrapbook Day, but that would be the furthest thing from the truth. I didn't do a single creative thing either!  I washed laundry, went grocery shopping, did some cleaning, and hung out with the family. That's it.  So, apologies to all my bloggy friends that your posts came and went without comment. Seems a lot of you were involved in Rinda's Altered Home blog hop and looks like it was great fun!  I just needed some down time.  That said, here's what last week looked like:

Last Week's Goals:
1. Gym three times. check! In fact FOUR times! 2 regular workouts, 1 yoga class, 1 zumba class. Not sure my body is really ready to be back in Zumba though. I'm going to check out a different class this week where the instructor is not quite so... ummm... energetic...
2. 1 each Gratitude and Art Journal layouts (or 2 Gratitude layouts). check! 2 gratitude and 1 art journal layout completed.
3. Keep up with Picture Spring prompts and post photos on blog. As of this morning, check!
4. Spend 20 minutes/weekday tagging photos or digi elements or processing photos. This one is hard to gauge because I don't remember to do this each day. But I did manage to get all of 2007 photos tagged and all my latest digi purchases unzipped and designer/kit name tagged, so definite progress!
5. Hang new shower curtain. (this sounds like a five minute deal, but it's not. Involves flattening curtain, trimming, and sewing weights at bottom - which is why it isn't done yet, even though I bought the new curtain three weeks ago!) Check!  I hate to disappoint Cheryl but the finished project is NO BIG DEAL. The backstory: we have a stall shower in the master bath. The house is 22 years old and the bath is in serious need of updating, but we can't afford it right now (having a kid in college will do that to you!).  The shower HAD a door, but last winter the hinges broke and the door fell off. Replacing the door when the entire shower needs to be replaced made no sense to us. So we hung a shower curtain instead.  Only thing is, shower curtains are made for bath size showers and this is just a stall.  Which means trimming down to size.  But Cheryl asked, so here's the photo of my newly hung shower curtain (and it is clear to make the space seem bigger and more open - much too tight in there for anything else). And why did I need a new shower curtain already? Well, we have really REALLY hard water. And I don't care how well you keep up with bathroom cleaning (which I don't claim to be great at) with hard water, you can't keep a clear shower curtain looking great for long.  I estimate I'll need to replace it every 4-6 months.

6. Make some decisions and do SOMETHING with my Week in the Life project! This did NOT happen. I could give you the laundry list of reasons why not, but they would just be lame excuses. Truth is, my creative muse left town around Wednesday and hasn't been seen since. I don't know where she went or when she's coming home. I hope soon. I miss her.

This Week's Goals:
1. Gym three times. Including new Zumba class.
2. 1 each Gratitude and Art Journal layouts.
3. Spend 20 minutes/weekday tagging photos or digi elements or processing photos.
4. Sew and hang curtain in office. (Same as scraproom - just been avoiding this one because I know I'm a tad short on fabric and will have to adjust length - ugh).
5. Choose one online class I haven't completed and spend 20 minutes/weekday working on completing.
6. Find my creative muse ~ then make some decisions and do SOMETHING with my Week in the Life project!


scrappyjacky said...

You kept up really well again....and the shower curtain!! Hope the 'muse' quickly returns.

Kelly Miller said...

Ah, so Zumba didn't work out. I still want to try it.

You did pretty great with your goals. Keep it up!

humel said...

Looks like a high success rate, good for you! :-) I think I need to join with you on goal #5 for this week, I just posted something along those lines lol... xx

Sian said...

Have just got a new laptop which is driving me nuts so I could be up for a bit of unplugged time myself!! I think you are doing just fine with your goals

Cheryl said...

Unplugging is so refreshing... I need to remember to do it more often. The shower curtain thing is very clever. We have a stall bathroom, too (our bathroom hasn't been updated since the 50s, as is evident by the pink and blue fixtures), and I'm not sure what I would have done had our door broken. You got so much accomplished, Cheri! And it sounds like this week will be equally as productive. :)