Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh My! I'm a WINNER!

Some of you already know that Scrapbooking From the Inside Out had a sweet little blog hop on Tuesday and on Wednesday I got an email saying I had won this:
It is SFTIO's May Kit "Anticipation" and it looks fabulous.  Can't wait to play!

Well today I popped into my Big Picture Scrapbooking account and I see a class in my current class list that I didn't recall signing up for. I had been thinking about it, but I didn't think I actually had. So I checked my email BPS folder. No, I didn't sign up for it.... Wait, did I enter a blog give-away for that class?  So, hop on over to the BPS blog Scrap Big - scroll down a bit - and sure enough - I see this:

We interrupt Stacy's page a day picks for an important posted!

Ok…I’m a little late posting these. Please forgive me. I’ve been a little distracted working on some summer promotional fun we have planned. Here with out further delay are the winners:

Get Great Pictures with Any Camera:

“I love to photograph plants. They don't move, lol!”
Posted by: Thayer

Get Out of Auto Mode

“I love Elisha Snow and BPS and I want to Get Out of Auto Mode.”
Posted by: Cheri Andrews

Oh My!  I wanted to take the class, but decided to wait and instead enrolled in Picture Summer which begins July 1st.  And since I knew I couldn't wait until July 1st, I also enrolled in Your Life: Captured Through The Lens over at Get it Scrapped which runs May 26 through June 30.  So I figured I would be very busy with my camera soon enough.  I never thought I'd win the spot in Get Out of Auto Mode which begins TODAY (*yikes*) and runs through June 9.  Guess I'll have some overlapping classes now!  Wow, need to go get to work!

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Scrapbooking From the Inside Out and Big Picture Scrapbooking for supporting my habit! :)


quiltingfool said...

Wow! How cool is that? Have you thought about hopping over to Jersey to gamble a little while the force is with you? You are certainly going to be a busy girl. Can't wait to see the results!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Two great wins at once. You're right; you'll be busy with those photo classes. Can't wait to see you work. I learned a lot from Kristina in Through the Lens. Congrats!

Sian said...

Fantastic prizes! Congrats Cheri, those certainly are two big treats coming your way.

humel said...

Hooray!! Good for you xx

Amy said...

Congratulations - I think the BPS class would be great. By the way, I'm loving your WITL pages from the last post - they have come together so well :-)

Unknown said...

That's awesome (sorry for the belated congrats)! Two wins... quick... go play the lottery! :)