Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lyme Awareness Month

We interrupt your regular programming for a quick public service announcement. 

If you haven't heard yet, May is Lyme Awareness Month.  I have a friend who is suffering from chronic lyme disease.  Michelle has had to take a leave of absence from work as the disease has affected so much of her daily activities.  Michelle was my best friend back in high school. We lost touch, but found each other again a couple years ago on facebook (yes, FB does have some good points... occasionally).  Michelle is an artist and a writer of young adult fiction.  She has always been a free spirit and it breaks my heart that she is being held back from sharing her gifts with the world by this disease.  I chose to honor Michelle's fight against Lyme with a donation to ILADS - hoping that research can bring about better treatment and ultimately a cure for this disease.  If you aren't aware of Lyme disease take a minute to click on the link above and get educated!  And if the spirit moves you, make a donation to ILADS to aid in the research and education efforts.

Thanks for listening! We now return you to your regular programming.


Anonymous said...
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humel said...

I knew very little about this disease - thank you for the link. I'm sorry about your friend. I hope medical science makes strides in this area very soon xx

Sian said...

That's a frightening disease. I remember reading about it in a Guide book because we don't suffer with it over here. I'm wishing your friend all the best