Monday, April 26, 2010

Set it Sunday

Take a Second Glantz

I'm late again. But I'm here and that's what matters right?  I came off a crazy busy weekend. Soccer car wash, bank, hair salon, prom preparation and laundry on Saturday. Peter (Becca's boyfriend) around all day on Sunday, laundry, grocery shopping, strip & remake bed, trip to the Mall, return Peter's tux, hit sale at Bath & BodyWorks, out to dinner, collapse in front of television and ultimately go to bed early utterly exhausted.  So how did last week go?  Let see...

Last Week's Goals:

1. Gym three times. - check!
2. 1 each Gratitude and Art Journal layouts. um, not exactly. 0 Gratitude layouts, 2 Art Journal layouts. I guess I went where the inspiration took me.
3. Keep up with Picture Spring prompts and post photos on blog. check!                              
4. Take photos, jot notes and collect ephemera for "Week in the Life" project. mostly check - I did take pictures everyday and copious notes through Thursday. I fell apart over the weekend. I'm not surprised. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all that I collected!
5. Spend 20 minutes/weekday tagging photos or digi elements - Wednesday is excluded (yes again - we have a board of directors meeting at work, that really kills my day). um. not so much. I've spent all my time this week just post-processing the photos I've taken and uploaded. And that was definitely more than 20 minutes a day!  So we'll have to call that even.
6. Enroll Leadfoot and Fraidycat in Driver's Ed. check!
7. Set up payment plan for Sarah's tuition next year. check! and first payment made!
This Week's Goals:

1. Gym three times.
2. 1 each Gratitude and Art Journal layouts (or 2 Gratitude layouts).
3. Keep up with Picture Spring prompts and post photos on blog.
4. Spend 20 minutes/weekday tagging photos or digi elements or processing photos.
5. Hang new shower curtain. (this sounds like a five minute deal, but it's not. Involves flattening curtain, trimming, and sewing weights at bottom - which is why it isn't done yet, even though I bought the new curtain three weeks ago!)
6. Make some decisions and do SOMETHING with my Week in the Life project!


Amy said...

Ok, #6 made me laugh :-)

Unknown said...

RE: #5 - how is it that some of the most simple-seeming things can balloon up into huge tasks? And I say even though you're "late" you're still doing it... I have yet to set it Sunday once! :)

humel said...

Looks like a high success rate to me :-) And I can't wait to see what you do with your Week in the Life, whatever it turns out to be!! x

scrappyjacky said...

It always amazes me how much of your list you manage to get through.....I wouldn't dare publish my list....would have to admit too much failure!!!!
And I'd be happy to send you a xmas card if you want to email me your address.

Cheryl said...

Wow, that sounds like a busy weekend! Oh my goodness - who knew hanging a shower curtain could be so complicated?! I hope you'll share a pic of it when all is said and done. I also can't wait to hear what you do with your Week in the Life stuff.