Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More of Picture Spring

Blue skies. Happened to catch a plane trail right behind the sun.

Refreshing rain on a newly planted dahlia.
Water drop coming off electric meter. Did I mention it rained today?
Awakening leaf bud (one of the last trees that hasn't leafed out yet).
The front of our mailbox. We have no idea of the origin of this hole.  A woodpecker? BB gun?  Everyday beauty category.
Definitely an oddity. This is actually a knot in the tree in our front yard from where a lower branch was taken off years ago.  Doesn't it look like an eye, complete with catchlight?


humel said...

Wow, Cheri, these photos are stunning! And yes, that last one is uncannily like an eye.... You're being watched!

scrappyjacky said...

That last photo is really spooky!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great catch-up and love the eye!!

Unknown said...

Very cool photos... great macro shots. I love the airplane trail behind the sun and the shot of your tree at the end... very eerie.

Jocelyn said...

Love your photos, especially the knot in the tree at the end, it would feel like it was watching you as you move around the yard - too cool!