Monday, April 5, 2010

Subtle Transformations

I promised pictures of my weekend work... and here it is!  I spent some time being "crafty" although not scrapbooking.

Here's my first "before" photo.
My Inspiration Board. I'd already changed out the push pins and rearranged the stuff left on it.  I took it all off, and when I re-hung, it looked like this:

Can you see the change? (Besides rearranging the contents?)

Here's my second "before" photo:
Take note of the Library of Memories category drawers on the left of the photo and the Photo Storage Albums on the right of the photo.

After a little transformation, the category drawers looked like this:
They went from industrial "tan" to a beautiful bronze metallic color that actually matches the other hardware (drapery rods, new lamps, etc.) in the room.  Spray painting courtesy of my dear husband - thanks Jay! I really like that the handles are no longer shiny silver and I think the ribbon adds the perfect finishing touch.

And the storage albums look like this:
Gone are the navy, hunter green, and burgundy albums that just didn't "go" with the room.  In their place these lovely paisleys that match the room oh-so-nicely. Remember making paper bag covers for your schoolbooks? Same concept - only made of fabric and sewn. The labels are temporary - I'll be making cute little tags to hang off the darling little binder clips that I bought at WalMart.  But can you believe I DON'T have hang tags in my "stash"??!!

One more transformation to come.  Finished product is still drying, so I won't be able to get photos until tomorrow. 


Kelly Miller said...

It all looks great. I love the greens you're using!

scrappyjacky said...

It looks what you've done to the albums.

Sian said...

It's looking really good Cheri! That spray paint makes such a difference and your fabric is beautiful

Anonymous said...

More than subtle, Cheri. This looks great. The album covers are wonderful. I've never thought of fabric covers.

Unknown said...

It's the little things that can bring a whole room together... or bring peace in your mind. I love it...the book covers are awesome, as is your newly painted green frame on your inspiration board. Very, very cool! I need to get some inspiration up on my plain, newly painted walls in my room. You have given me some ideas!