Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Five

Five Things Inspiring Me Today:

1. My bloggy friend Kai is walking a 5K on May 15 for breast cancer.  Great cause and I applaud Kai for doing it.  Check out her blog for the link to make a donation! (In the right hand panel).

2. Shimelle is having a virtual crop party all weekend long!  Projects and challenges in the forums. Since I'll be at a real-life crop tomorrow (yeah!) I'll definitely be checking out the action.

3. Ali Edwards Week in the Life project starts on Monday. There are multiple posts on her blog to get your ideas going and new product being released at Designer Digitals tomorrow.  I'll be in line to buy Ali's templates! Anyone joining me?

4. Cheryl has turned off the comments on her blog and directed you to a number of friends' blogs.  Definitely some worthwhile links and thanks for the shout out Cheryl!

5. Picture Spring class continues to be a huge source of inspiration! And I learned that a "Picture Summer" class will be coming up!  I'll definitely be taking that one and may end up with a "seasons" album before this is over.  I love Tracey's prompts and it has really gotten me looking at my world in a new way.

The prompt for the 14th was to purposely shoot out of focus to create a "painterly" feel.  Bed of tulips at Conference Center where I was for meeting on Wednesday. No post-processing actions - this was just out of focus!

The 15th we had a break.

Today's prompt was to capture shadows. I see this shadow from my bedroom window frequently and love the lacey effect on the lawn. Getting the shot from ground level (can't take it from the window because of the screen) was a bit more challenging but if you look close you can see the accidental rainbow captured on the right!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been busy. I love the photos, and was glad to hear about Picture Summer. I'm really enjoying this class although I'm still working on a couple of the prompts. The flower photos in your art journal are wonderful.

Sian said...

Great news about the Picture Summer class..I've been enjoying your photos so much I would seriously consider joining in on that one

humel said...

Lovely post :-) Seriously tempted by the Picture Summer too!

Cheryl said...

So that I don't continue to fill your inbox today with my catch-up, I'll just leave all my comments here. :)

Your Picture Spring photos are just beautiful. I love the spring palette you did in PSE.

The transformations you're doing are awesome - it's amazing what a little bit of spray paint can do! And I love what you did with your storage binders.