Saturday, August 31, 2019

TGIF | August 31, 2019

*with thanks to Brene Brown for this meme.

Trusting that I will get my white paper written for my CMLX2 certification.  I've never felt so uninspired about something I've written before.

Grateful for the cooler weather and some good nights for sleeping.  I actually hit close to or over eight hours four nights in a row.  I think it's a record!

Inspired by the recent purchase of a new clear table protector for my craft table to actually clean my craft room.  Off to get started.

Had Fun! bridal dress shopping with my girls.  It was an all day affair that started and ended at La Belle Mariee where Becca said YES to the dress!  I'm honoring Becca's request not to share any details, but I think it will be absolutely gorgeous on her.

After the successful shopping trip, and totally for shits and giggles, Becca tried on my wedding gown.  Becca is a skinny thing - much smaller than I think I ever was at her age, so imagine my surprise when we couldn't button her up in the back!  The veil definitely looks better pressed!

Who wore it better?  Sad how little detail those old photos captured.


Karen said...

Becca is gorgeous and could probably wear any dress beautifully! It's amazing to me how white and beautiful your dress still is. I didn't "preserve" mine and it turned yellow!

Susanne said...

So glad she found "the dress." I'm sure she'll be beautiful in whatever she wears on her big day. And how fun that she tried yours on.

Melissa said...

How FUN that she tried on your dress - it still looks great! You were a lovely bride & Becca will be, too! Glad the shopping day was a success!