Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5 in 5 - August

I decided to play along with Sandie's 5 in 5 meme this month.

My inspiration was to start in my office and just take 5-10 steps and just see what caught my eye. Since I did this mostly indoors, you get a little tour of my home:

 I started at my desk. This is where I spend most of my day at least 5 days a week. It is always a mess!

 I went from my office into the "living room" which actually houses my craft space.  This box is on the floor, waiting to be moved to the attic. Sarah's nursery lamp peeking out of the box. It had been in the attic previously but was pulled down to provide lighting when she moved out.  Now her bedroom is being converted (slowly but surely) to a guest room and the lamp has been replaced. But she wants this saved.

A few more steps and you are into my craft space. Here's my collection of acrylic paints.

Leaving the "living room" you enter the hallway (that's the front door) and down the hallway to the kitchen. My girls are home for the summer. You can tell because of the lack of visible surface on the kitchen island. It drives me insane. It looks this way most of the summer... until they leave again.

On the back deck. We spray painted the old brown wicker rockers turquoise at the beginning of the Summer. Becca thinks they look "tacky".  What do you think?

And what do all of these photos have in common? What is it that caught my attention in each space?  I think it is the pops of bright color.

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Sian said...

I think the chairs look great. Nothing tacky about a glorious bright blue! One of the other pops of colour I noticed was a big bag of red Twizzlers (at least I think that's what it is!) We love Twizzlers and brought several bags home with us

Jo.C said...

I think the chairs look fab. Perfect colour combination. Loving all those acrylics too x

scrappyjacky said...

I love the chairs....they look bright and inviting.

Melissa said...

I think those chairs look great & wish we'd had time to sit & visit there a while in May! :>)

Carola Bartz said...

The chairs look great - what a wonderful color! The cushions on it are just right. It looks happy and very summer-y!

Karen said...

The chairs are great, and the pillows on them are just fabulous! I laughed when I saw your kitchen island. Our whole downstairs looks like that right now. Caleb has his toys spread all over the living room floor, Adam has his "work" piled up on the coffee table, and Sarah has totally claimed the dining room (table and dry sink) with her painting, wood crafts, and tools! I cleared off the kitchen counters last night, but I don't expect it to last long!

Barbara Eads said...

I love your turquoise chairs. I know what you mean about the mess when the "kids" are home---but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have the whole family here this week and a niece with here husband too! It's been a fun, whirlwind week and I'll be sad to see them go on Sunday. But I am looking forward to a bit of normalcy!

Miriam said...

I love the pink with the turquoise, so bright and summery. I missed Sandies meme this month but interestingly I took the photos in my home.

Cheryl said...

The chairs are awesome! What a great color! And I'm insanely jealous of your acrylic stash.