Monday, August 11, 2014

A Year of Kindness - Challenge Week 32

This challenge this week is simple. As we are coming to the end of the Summer holidays/vacation and thinking about Fall and back-to-school, consider donating school supplies.

Free school supplies, health exams offered in Louisville
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Check your own stash of office and art supplies first - do you have multiples or more than you need of anything? You might be surprised at what you have stock-piled in drawers and cupboards. Lined paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, glue, rulers, index cards, highlighters, crayons, colored pencils are all welcome items in schools where not all of the children can afford to bring their own.

Next check the sales. Right now you can cheaply purchase basic supplies from any of the major office supply stores (Staples, Office Max, etc.) or major department stores (WalMart, Target, etc.).  For example, this week at Staples you can buy spiral notebooks for 17 cents each, rulers at 25 cents each, school glue at 39 cents each, a box of twelve pencils for 68 cents and a pack of index cards for 48 cents.  At those prices, a mere $5 can purchase a sizable stash of school supplies.

Many places will accept school supply donations at this time of year - our local food bank runs a drive for school supplies for area children. Some of the stores selling supplies will take your purchased donations and deliver them to area schools for you. You can also drop supplies off directly at schools in need. You may not get to see the smile on the face of the child who receives your donation, but you can feel good knowing that it will be appreciated and used!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri - love this idea. In the past I have donated scrap supplies to our local children's hospice and I may have a sort out and do it again soon now you have reminded me.

Barbara Eads said...

Another great idea. I have a box going already!

Barbara Eads said...

And I forgot to mention that I had both of my college age granddaughters come and shop from my office supply closet!

Melissa said...

Great challenge this week - we donate school supplies most years. Yesterday I actually purchased crayons, markers and coloring books to donate to an organization that sends happy mail packages to kids in long term care or battling cancer. I got them packaged up to mail out today with some handmade cards, so I'm giving myself a check for this week's challenge.

Sian said...

We were blown away by your prices when we browsed Target while on holiday. Index cards here? about $1.50 a pack.

But I was also surprised to see some lists of what your parents are expected to provide. Here it's more basic and I think more supplies are provided for in the school budget

Miriam said...

This is a lovely post Cheri. I have a nursery along the road and they are always pleased to receive stuff. It's such a nice thing to do.

Karen said...

In my great purge earlier this year, I donated all the extras from office supplies and my scrapbook supplies. I'm now shopping the back-to-school sales for schools supplies for the Rochester City School kids. I belong to an organization called Urban Presbyterians Together, and we're gathering supplies for inner city kids for the new year.