Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pile of Postcards Exchange

I joined in on Sian's Pile of Postcards Exchange.  As soon as I had my list of names, I found a vendor of vintage postcards at a flea market. I bought up a group of them - all centered around Lancaster, PA which happened to be the area of the flea market. Sent them off to all of my names, plus one to Sian. I also had a small pile of postcards from some of my quote photography, so I randomly picked a handful of blog friends and sent those out too!  I honestly don't remember how many postcards I sent in total.

And here is the bounty I received in return:

Top Left: From Susanne at Snaps and Snippets is a shot of a monument called "Four Freedoms".
Center Left: from Lizzie at Lizzie Made a post card from their vacation spot in St. Ives, Cornwall.  Of course when I saw it I couldn't help but thinking of that riddle "When I was walking to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives..."  You know the one?
Bottom Left: This most recent one was received from Mare-Liez in Cape Town, South Africa. How cool is that? Unfortunately I couldn't find a blog or email address for Mare-Liez to thank her, so if you are connected to her, let her know I got her card!
Top Center: from our fearless leader Sian herself!
Bottom Center: from Sheena over at Sheena's Scraps and Scribbles this lovely Legend of Lady Godiva - from which I learned that the phrase "peeping Tom" may have arisen. Something new every day.
Top Right: from Laura in Ireland. Beautiful area. Not enough info on the card for me to identify Laura's web home.
Center Right:  from Debs of Debs World with a great glimpse into her quaint home town! 
Bottom Right: and finally (outside of the swap) from Barbara at Happily Ever After a map of her home state of Tennessee.  Barbara was one of the folks I sent an extra postcard to and she was very quick to reciprocate. 

The swap was a lot of fun and I feel so blessed to have received all of my cards!


scrappyjacky said...

A lovely selection,Cheri....I've loved this swap.

Barbara Eads said...

This has been such a fun swap. I was thrilled to get a postcard from you too!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful batch of happy mail! Lucky me - even though I didn't sign up for the postcard swap . . . I still got one of yours in the mail!! :>)

debs14 said...

It's been a fun project to take part in, hasn't it? You've received some great postcards.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri
I received a card fro you- of the Dutch Barn - which I loved. Thanks.

Nathalie said...

.... And thank you for the card i received from you! I have really enjoyed this swap and hope that Sian will make it a yearly event! :)

Sian said...

Cheri I saw this lovely post yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment, so I'm back today with my fingers crossed.

It's been a lot of fun watching all the postcards arrive. Laura is my friend from school. She's the one you need to go to for all my teenage secrets lol But she doesn't have a blog so maybe I'm safe?

The vintage card was perfectly picked and very much appreciated

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

It was so much fun and I loved the vintage card you sent me. Although I thought the round stamp was pretty cool too. A lovely selection, from here, there and everywhere.

Miriam said...

Don't they look lovely all together?

Anonymous said...

very cool...this would have been a great exchange. Maybe Sian will start another one!
Great idea that you had to send vintage cards..