Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Year Of Kindness - Challenge Week 14

Hope you all had a great week and found lots of books to pass on. I love the joy that reading brings and love sharing books I enjoy.

So the winners from last week's drawing are:

Mixed Media Workshop: Karen Moss
Painted Pages: Carola Bartz (Carola, I will need you to send me your mailing address)
Taking Flight: Karen Walker

I am hoping to get these books in the mail on Wednesday as I also have a bunch of care packages going out to college students!

I know there must be literally hundreds of ways to show kindness. But every week when I start this post, I'm faced with the question of where I want to direct kindness this week and what other suggestion I can offer, keeping in mind that I am trying to offer as many "no cost" options as possible. Sometimes I come to the post creator knowing exactly what I want to offer. Sometimes, like last night when I started this post, I have no idea. But this morning I woke to find this on my Facebook feed:

Cheri Andrews, kind thoughts coming your way today
Good morning! We're honoring lawyers today for SELECT-A-SONG at 8:20 a.m., it's National Be Kind To Lawyers Day!
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And I thought it was really cool that my friend Rachel had seen this and thought of me and was sending me kind thoughts. What a beautiful start to my day!

So the challenge for this week is to send someone kind thoughts via social media. Whether you make a post on their Facebook page, send a tweet, or an Instagram, forward a link you think they would enjoy, leave a positive comment on a blog post, whatever. This week make use of the various forms of social media to make someone's day! And have fun doing it! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow - thank you Cheri I am so looking forward to receiving that book. Now off to spread a little facebook kindness x

Missus Wookie said...

Oh how sweet that it is a be nice to lawyers day :) I passed on books to the charity shop and hope they find loving new owners. I like the idea of using social media to pass on kindness one of the things I like best about Facebook is the ability to wish people happy birthday!

scrappyjacky said...

I've passed on quite a few books and magazines this last couple of weeks....it gives me more space for new ones as well!!!!

Carola Bartz said...

Cheri, thank you so much! I am so happy that I got lucky in your wonderful giveaway! My address is on the way to you.

I love your kindness idea for today! Your ideas are so sweet and thoughtful.

Karen said...

Another great challenge, Cheri! I'm excited to be among the winners, and can't wait to spend some time with that book.

Miriam said...

Good morning Cheri, this is my favourite thing to do.
I have already send an e-mail to someone I haven't heard from in ages. Thank you for this lovely post.

Sian said...

Be kind to lawyers? Love that! and I hope something good came your way to honour it, too. I think I'll go and offer to make my student lawyer a coffee now and see what he says

Barbara Eads said...

That should be easy enough! My SIL is a lawyer and a very nice one at that!

Barbara Eads said...

That should be easy enough! My SIL is a lawyer and a very nice one at that!

alexa said...

Thus is a lovely challenge - I always think that an unexpected message is like a gentle hug :).

Melissa said...

Another great challenge this week!