Sunday, September 1, 2013

One Little Word Blog Hop - August Edition

Whether you arrived here from Lee's Blog  as part of the One Little Word Blog Hop, or you are here because you love me and drop by regularly... Welcome! I love visitors! The One Little Word Blog Hop is a monthly hop run by Lee for members of Ali Edwards' One Little Word class over at Big Picture Classes. The hop goes live on Sunday at 6:00 a.m.  You can always check back later if someone's post isn't live yet.

The assignment for August involved getting outside and creating the letters of your word - Ali had examples like writing your word in the sand or creating it out of twigs... that kind of thing.  I went a little different and just photographed letters in my world... resulting in this:

The "D" was taken from among wooden letters for sale at Michaels. The "a" was in the store sign "Wawa" (like a 7-11 for those of you who don't have Wawa). It was taken from the car at a fairly good distance from the store sign, hence the graininess. The "r" is a throw pillow on Rachel's bed. And the "e" is from an ice machine at the gas station.  It was a fun exercise. I'd like to find a replacement for the "a" that isn't as grainy and maybe is a color that isn't already in the collage. But the exercise definitely had me doing some surreptitious street photography (all taken with my iPhone) which is pretty DARE-ing for me!

I'll leave you with my tracker for August. It was a crazy hectic month, but I did complete the 21 day meditation challenge at! 
You'll also notice that "eat well" didn't play a prominent role in my month.  Too much ice cream! But I think I'm back on track now.

If you are continuing on in the hop, your next stop is  Margareta's Blog.

And just in case you get lost, here's the entire list:


Missus Wookie said...

I enjoyed the 21 day meditation challenge too. Ah, we've been to a Wawa - there is one not that far from my bioDad and SMom's house.

Ice cream is a good thing I tell myself - in moderation :)

Ruth said...

What clever of putting your word in to photos. Never heard of Wawa before, but I think it's a great name!

Melissa said...

Great letter finds! Looks like you did well on your checklist for MOVE even if the eating was off.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful letters to spell your word! Congrats on finishing the mediation challenge! August seems to have been a crazy and busy month for so many of us!

Anonymous said...

Love how you have spelled your word.

Karen said...

Spelling out your name with photos was one of the challenges for the phonography course I took this summer. I got it started, but not finished. Love the ones you chose. As always, your monthly chart is impressive!

Naomi said...

I adore your letters! I think I may need to do something similar. :)