Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Layouts

LOAD 22 - 31 Things "YOU" prompt

 LOAD 23 - 31 Things "Work" prompt
 More detail on my work history.
 LOAD 24 - 31 Things "Transportation" Prompt
 LOAD 25 - 31 Things "Purchase" prompt.
 I printed this first as 8.5x11 digi and then cut the pieces apart and backed on black cardstock to make the layout above.  I created the background paper by simply gluing expired coupons all over the cardstock. The hardest part was just allowing myself to glue them down without overthinking placement!

LOAD 26 - The 31 Things prompt for today was "evening" - which just wasn't speaking to me.  This was a layout that has been on my "to scrap" list for awhile.  The template is modified from a Cathy Zielski template. The papers are Krystal Hartley "Sunshine on a Stem" kit.


Amy said...

You're getting some great layouts made with the 31 Things prompts Cheri - I'm enjoying your stories!

Jo.C said...

I have really enjoyed these LOs. I hadn't realised you were an attorney. I related to a lot of what you have written especially the work ones - I have always been a teacher and always wanted to be but the climate and pressures have detracted from it and it makes me wonder what I should be doing. Great post.TFS

Anonymous said...

Love the layouts and your 'Never List' has got me thinking.

Cheryl said...

These are wonderful, Cheri! I love the Never Pay Retail LO with all the coupons - brilliant idea!

MonicaB said...

The 31 things prompts are wonderful. Your pages are beautiful and so insightful. I relate to the job. I keep telling my kids I'm trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Hopefully this time it will end in a fulfilling career.

scrappyjacky said...

I'm loving these pages,Cheri....I'm enjoying finding out so much more about you.
I'm a great coupon user as well.

Sian said...

Cheri, there is a wealth of fascinating stuff here! I have heartily enjoyed reading every liitle bit. I know you described some of those jobs as deadend - but you know what they say to me? That you can turn your hand to almost anything and that's something to be really proud of!

Karen said...

I've loved reading every one of these layouts. You've had quite the work experience!

Maria Ontiveros said...

This is such a great post! How did I not know you were an attorney? I really appreciate your description of legal life. I enjoyed being in-house, but mainly because I did so much Human Resources work, I think. And I really enjoy teaching. I'm not sure I know anyone who had a successful, long term scrapping business.
Finally, I've done 8 of the things on your "never" list! I'll let you figure out which ones.

Ginger said...

Love these Cheri :) Your journaling is so honest and I am enjoying reading your thoughts. Your layout on work is one that will stick with me, I see lots of similarities especially the last part.

I've done 9 of your "I have never done" things! (some even more than once) Ha!