Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Enabler Alert!

As you all know, I'm an online class junkie.  Right now I've got two classes starting soon that I'm really excited about and wanted to share, just in case any of you lovely women out there would care to join me!

             Your Living Canvas - a mixed media/ life choices workshop.  Christy Tomlinson has partnered with Art McCracken, a life coach, to bring a course that is a combination of mixed media art and thought-provoking journaling exercises to get you thinking about what you really want your life to be.  The course is six weeks and has a full year access to the materials.  Begins May 21st.  It is a little more expensive, but I think it is just what I need right now.  So far I haven't been disappointed with a Christy class.  She delivers a LOT of content for the money.  If she and Art deliver on the "make you think" part of this class (I know they will just from the pre-class exercises we've been doing in our private Facebook group), I anticipate that this class will not only help me navigate the transitional phase of all my girls graduating, but also help me create a life plan for moving forward.  I'm excited to get started!  For complete information or to sign up, click on the Your Living Canvas link.

     31 Things with Ali Edwards.  Begins this Thursday, May 17th!  31 days of prompts for documenting 31 everyday stories with words and photos for just $31!  If, like me, you feel like you don't document enough of the everyday moments... or just never get deep enough into the little things that matter most, this may be the class for you.  Pre-class is set up and my ideas are already percolating.  For more information or to sign up, click the 31 Things link.

Hope to see you in class!!! :)


Ginger said...

I hope I don't regret signing up for Christy's class, I agree she has no shortage of class content! I have however signed up for Ali's class, and I have barely looked at the handout. I am hoping to exercise my writing skills and have always enjoyed her thoughtful approach to storytelling.

With all your fantastic art journaling you have been sharing of late, I will look forward to seeing "Your Living Canvas" :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Definitely looking forward to what you do with these classes. I looked at Christy's class, but I actually had some issues with the ARt of Wild Abandonment class (review still to be written). I agree that there's plenty of content, but I think it needs to be better organized and edited. Once I complete my last two projects from that class (a canvas and a paper piecing page), I'll post a full review. I'd do the Ali class, but I'm full up right now.

alexa said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Ali's 31 Things. :). I will probably give the other one a miss at present but look forward to seeing what you do - your work is always so varied and inspiring!

Karen said...

I'm in at 31 Things and have two of the prompts written. Need to get caught up once I finally get things organized here at home after being away for 2 weeks.