Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pass The Book

I have a book ready to be passed on - doing this one Sian style (click the link for all the info).

The book is:

Creative Time and Space by Rice Freeman-Zachery.  Photo from Amazon.com.

Creative Time and Space utilizes interviews with and photographs from fourteen artists who earn their living from their art.  It discusses from these artists' points of view how they each make time in their lives for their art, whether they schedule or free-flow their creative time, how they set up their studios, etc.

To be quite honest, I found the style of writing - small excerpts from interviews with each artist - to be a bit ho-hum and tedious, especially in the first five chapters which focus on various aspects of time and scheduling.  But the book redeemed itself in chapters 6 and 7 about "mental space" and "soul space" respectively.  The chapter on Soul Space discusses the importance of "play" to creativity and has a bit about keeping journals and how that practice can factor into creativity and art.  I'll be re-reading that while you all are putting in your bids to get the book!

The book's greatest strength is the photographs. The contributors make some awesome art pieces! Everything from beading and painting to sculpture, art quilting, and clothing design is included.

Who would like this book?  You would if:
  • you are inspired by the work of other artists - this book is chock FULL of beautiful photographs!
  • you are considering turning your artistic talents into a business and would like to hear how it has worked for other working artists.
  • you want ideas or insights into how others create TIME for expressing their creativity
  • you want ideas or insights into how others set up their creative SPACE - yes, studio photos are included.
If you would like a chance to have this book, please leave me a comment letting me know you want it! I will draw a name from all the commenters on the morning of Friday, March 11 and post the winner here on my blog.  All I ask if you want to play is that you agree to pass the book on when you are done! :)

So who wants it???


Melissa said...

You know I can never pass up the opportunity to check out another book! Please add me to the draw, this sounds like it contains some inspiration as well as information.

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like it's worth it just for the photos....count me in please.

Amy said...

I'd like to be included as well Cheri - it is always interesting to read about how others spend their creative time and the photography sounds lovely!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Me! I'd like to be included! Thanks, Cheri. xo

alexa said...

Oh, yes please! Please count me in! And I love your candid and helpful review.