Friday, March 11, 2011

Picture Inspiration 3/52


detail on our fireplace

close-up of wicker medicine cabinet

drapes in studio and office.  In my mind paisley is the quintessential "motif".  And I fell in love with this fabric.  My design of the studio and office was based around this fabric! 

This material is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph!  When you see the drapes from a distance, the overall color is decidedly a sort of olive green.  But it also has french blue, bronze, and ivory.  And a scattered floral in an irridescent thread that you can see clearly in the upper left, but for some reason is showing up as black in the lower right corner.  There is no black in this fabric!

I photographed in natural light (sun not very strong) with no flash.  Any of you photographers have any ideas on how I might capture the true color of this?


scrappyjacky said...

I've no idea,Cheri....but love the way it looks in this photo!!!!!

Sarah said...

I like the medicine cabinet!! I didn't even recognize it at first- your close-up pictures are awesome :) Love you and miss you!

humel said...

Love your motifs! I can't help you with the photography though, sorry.... The drape does look lovely, even if we aren't quite seeing it 'true'! xx

Anonymous said...

The motifs are wonderful. I especially love the first one. The drapes are beautiful, and on my monitor the olive green does come through, though you are right about the bottom corner appearing to be too dark. I don't know how to correct it, but I've had similar problems with colors in the past.

Kelly Miller said...

Maybe you need studio lighting? I've heard folks talk about that, though I'm really clueless.

Love the detail in these!