Monday, January 5, 2009

Yeah Me!

oh yeah, uh huh, I did it, yeah me ... So I finally got PSE7 loaded on my computer, then registered for Jessica Sprague's "Up and Running with Photoshop" class like I said I would.

Here's the results of completing Lesson 1

And the bonus material from Lesson 1.

Admittedly these were both quickpage templates that only required adding photos and journaling and manipulating frames. We also explored changing a photo to b&w, but I preferred the color photo of Becca in the layout. Here's my b&w version:

By the way, this photo is from Christmas Day 2003, for those of you who know Becca and are wondering...

Now I need to move on to Lesson 2 and hopefully find time to get through all the lessons before the next JS class starts on the 19th.

As if that wasn't enough, I spent a good bit of last Friday and my weekend cleaning my scrap room - not getting it ready to paint or anything, but just putting away all the leftovers from my Gratitude and December Daily projects, cleaning up stuff that has been sitting out for months, and starting (yes, just "starting") to get a handle on my stash.

So after six hours of cleaning, this is the "before" photos of my soon-to-be beyond gorgeous scrap room. You can actually see desk surface! Well, not anymore... After these photos, I started sorting papers and when I thought I was done, found another box full of old stuff. But my papers are now sorted and I have about a 3" stack to sell/give away. Now the desk is COVERED with paper scraps and stickers I need to sort through (ugh!). If any one has figured out a really good way to store paper scraps so that you actually USE them, or stickers in a way that you can see what you have without creating ugly visual clutter, please help me out!

And I started another blog - scrapdreams365 - to document my Project 365 and keep everything in one place. Now to go upload photos there!


DeannaLB said...

Way to go on cleaning up your scraproom! The layouts are great!

Cheri said...

Thanks Dee - at least the crickets have subsided a little...