Thursday, December 13, 2018

Spread A Little Love

Jay and I started watching the show "Knightfall" last night. It's an historical fiction drama on the History Channel set in the early 14th century involving the Knights Templar. 

In the first or second episode, there is a scene set in Paris where a "Christian" is on a soapbox railing about the "Jews."  A man, allegedly a Jew, approaches and stabs him in the back.  The Christians want revenge.  The King of France expels the Jewish people from Paris.

As Jay & I were watching, I was struck heavily by the awareness that human beings have been persecuting each other practically since the day we arrived on earth.  And from this scene in the show over 700 years have passed and apparently as a species we have learned NOTHING.  Hate crimes are still rampant.  We are the only species (that I'm aware of) on the planet that kills for sport rather than necessity.  We are the only species driven by fear and hatred of what we don't know, don't understand, or what is different than us.

It is truly disheartening to think that after all this time, we have evolved SO LITTLE.  We haven't (as a species) yet reached a place where we accept and celebrate each others' differences.  Where we live and let live.  Where we seek to understand, rather than fear. Where we are inclusive rather than exclusive.  Where we understand that "we" aren't superior or better - and "they" aren't inferior or less than - based solely on skin color, religion, sexual orientation, political leaning, or any other category that divides "us" and "them."  The current political climate does nothing to help the situation either. 

It just made me sad.  And angry.  And I'm just sharing the feels tonight.  And thinking that tomorrow when I am out and about I'm going to make an extra effort to be kind and helpful and spread a little love.  Care to join me?


debs14 said...

Well said. There is too much trouble in the world caused by people thinking they are superior to others for whatever reason. A little bit of kindness can go a long way!

Patio Postcards said...

Well said Cheri & I think your feelings are felt by so many. And not that females can't be cruel but I see when we turned from matriarchy & honouring life, we forget about that honour of life & found an arrogance about life & that we (patriarchy) can give or take life ... I'll say no more except it isn't human life we so carelessly destroy it is the very home we all live on - (Mother) Earth.

I also watched the season 1 of Knightfall - I find anything about the Knights Templar fascinating. I hope for a season two.

This is what is wonderful about Christmas - a conspiracy of love happening that everyone (ok most everyone) wants to join in on. I am with you in in more kindness

Barbara Eads said...

I know how you feel! Sometimes I feel like it's hopeless. Everything is wrong and nothing improves. I don't know what the answer is, but I'm pretty sick of it all---especially the news! Peace on Earth is never more an important sentiment as this year!

Missus Wookie said...

What a good idea - spreading kindness is always a good thing. I've been listening to a song by Carrie Newcomer which talks about leaning towards the light, pointing out that every little thing helps to push back the darkness.