Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sharing A Little Bit More

Manu Design Studio's Blue Velvet kit needed to take the center stage.  Paired with a very old photo of me at (I think) 3 years old.  From the time I spent living with my Aunt Bev.  The curls are NOT natural. But the blonde totally is!

 From Tami Miller Designs - a collab kit with Aimee Harrison called Family is ForeverA photo of my family at Ocean City NJ in August. 

Also from Tami Miller Designs, the Grateful Hearts collection.  This was also taken at the shore, but includes our +2 boys, Andrew and Kyle, who are quickly becoming part of the family.

And yes, this is the extent of my creativity lately.  I haven't had the time or inclination to log into Lifebook in the last three months.  Hoping to get past that soon as I'm already signed up for Lifebook 2019 and I'm missing my paints and getting messy.  But these pages are making me happy too!
How's your creative life these days???


Karen said...

Love that last layout---and the story behind it!

Barbara Eads said...

Your layouts are great! I haven't done much lately, but really need to get back to it. Too. many hobbies and too little time!

Patio Postcards said...

Your first photo layout - such a cutie; it's great to be able to set off an old photo with the new papers. The muted tones of the paper seemed to have been designed for the photo. In the second layout I like the torn paper - it strangely looks so natural, just like the photo. Cute story for the last layout - seagulls are opportunists on land & at sea.

Melissa said...

My creativity has been much better the last few months, but took a hit with the remodeling.

Great layouts - I especially like that photo of you as a young girl. I had the same blond hair & not a single natural curl to speak of, too. LOL