Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Year Of Kindness - Challenge Week 39

Back in Challenge Week 32 I asked you to consider donating school/office supplies to schools or other charities that collect them for disadvantaged students. Today I got my letter from Pennridge FISH, indicating that through the donations made by myself and others, they were able to provide nearly 250 filled backpacks to needy children in the area. That feedback just makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over!

This week, the challenge is similar, but with a slightly different angle. This week I am asking you to consider donating art supplies - you know, those unused, no-longer-needed, excess, taking-up-space items that are preventing you from finding the stuff you really want to use!  If you are anything like me, a regular purge of scrapbooking and other art-related supplies is a must.  I try to find "good homes" for the items that no longer serve me. If you know another scrapbooker or knitter or mixed media artist who can use the goodies that are no longer serving you, that's awesome - a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) toward that person is one way to donate art supplies.

Another is to consider donating  them to places such as daycare centers, schools, hospitals, retirement centers, nursing homes, homeless shelters, art therapy centers and the like. These institutions generally run on limited budgets and are always grateful for supplies to keep their students, patients, and clients happy and engaged.  Check locally around you - likely there are lots of places that would be grateful for your donation.
Still stumped? A quick google search will net you dozens of places to send those supplies. Two that I found today that captured my imagination:

Handyhandsreflections.org  accepts donations of scrapbooking supplies which they use to create and donate personalized memory albums for loved ones experiencing end of life.  They have a few testimonials of the types of albums and situations that they have provided for.

Scrappdx.org is a "thrift shop" for artists, crafters, teachers, parents and DIY-ers.  Their mission is to facilitate creative reuse of crafting materials of all kinds. They accept donations and then resell the items at very low prices to those who use them in crafting.  In doing so, they keep tons of "stuff" from ending up in landfills. Check out their seriously cool website!

While these are U.S. based organizations, I'm sure my international readers can find similar organizations closer to home. Finding a charity that you feel good about helping out can ease the discomfort of letting go of those scrapbooking supplies!


Melissa said...

Great challenge . . . although I'm not sure that I'm in purge mode right now! :(

Sian said...

Just last week I filled a box and passed it on. Honestly, you over there seem so much better organised than we are here. Charities like the ones you mention are very thin on the ground. Every so often I even think about having a go at setting something up myself. I hate to see supplies going to waste!

scrappyjacky said...

There are no organisations here to pass craft stuff onto....I've just given some of mine direct to our local hospice.....our local school may get a few bits as well.

Karen said...

During my great purge in January, I discovered a "consignment shop" for crafting supplies in a nearby suburb. All the profits go to charity which makes it even better. I took an entire trunk load the first time, but have returned again since, and now keep a bag in my studio for items I want to donate. When it gets full, I drive over there.

Missus Wookie said...

I did this before I moved - gave a large box full to a friend who has links to a nursery and guides (girl scouts) and have started another box of bits.

Agreeing with others that it is much harder here in the UK to find this - used to hand it over to Children's Meeting cupboard or where I teach but that's changed too.