Tuesday, December 4, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude | Share 6

Thanks to all who commented on yesterday's Gratitude Share. I have to admit that the first photo (for my document retention project from work) was sourced from the internet. I couldn't imagine setting that up!

For today my third photo is also sourced from the internet. I simply googled "safe travels" and found a photo that would work for my thoughts for the day!

This is only a small portion of my Internet shopping. I've been opening, inventorying, and hiding the shipments as they come in each day!

This was the day we celebrated Jay's birthday, although his actual birthday was December 1st. He prefers to celebrate when the girls are home and he gets a photo with them each year. I'm still kind of freaking out at how grown up all three of them are!

Sarah returned home via train, bus, and metro. Jay drove Rachel back to Bloomsburg Univ. I didn't breathe easy until everyone was safely where they belonged!

Having the whole family home again is nice. Having a quiet day to catch up with my own life is nice too!


scrappyjacky said...

I so agree with these Cheri....except for the first one....apart from books from Amazon....I much prefer 'real' shopping!

Ginger said...

We just received the name for our family secret gift exchange, so I hope I still have time to order online - but it might be pushing it!

That's a great photo of Jay and the girls :)

Elizabeth said...

I did all my shopping today--at Barnes & Nobel. Most everyone in my family has a Nook (except me, I have a Kindle Fire.) So I bought e-cards and then they can order the books they want on line. All I have left is my husband and he said he'd tell me what he wanted. Sure, just like last year when it got to be the weekend before Christmas and he still hadn't told me. At that point, I headed to Home Depot and Lowes and got gift cards. He loved them. Same thing this year?

Karen said...

I'm quite sure that over half my shopping this year was done through Amazon, and another quarter from other internet sources. I do have a few to mail to Oregon that I bought locally, but not much. I think I finished up today!

Melissa said...

I love online shopping, too! And a nice day at home is so needed . . . tomorrow is our last day without an event or get-together until the first of the year!