Monday, October 22, 2012

Presidential Politics - a question

I know that the title of this post will scare some away. But I'm not here to support a candidate, bash a candidate, espouse a particular view, or sway anyone to my way of thinking. So no worries.

I'm here to raise a question that will hopefully garner a few honest answers. You see, I am undecided. As in, truly torn. I believe strongly in exercising the right to vote, but I also feel the burden of making the right choice. I live in a "swing" state - one that could make a big difference in the final electoral college tally. Unfortunately, I don't have a Presidential candidate I can really believe in at this point. Neither has presented a seemingly workable plan to deal with our rising deficit, our unemployment rates, or our economy. Neither has given clear answers on foreign policy issues. And some answers regarding social policy frankly scare me.
layout is made from "Politics as Usual" kit by Penny Springman and I closely copied one of the inspirational layouts.
I know that some folks in other countries follow the U.S. elections very closely and have opinions about which candidate would be the better leader. So I'm wondering.... what is the consensus where you are? When the folks in your country weigh the good against the bad, who comes out on top and what are the driving factors?


humel said...

Interesting question, Cheri! Mitt Romney managed to put his foot in it when he visited the UK so didn't make a great impression on us here. Our response to Obama has always been more positive I think. But I'm not sure that I can give you any persuasive arguments or even considered opinions, sorry - it's more gut feeling than anything!

We have a similar situation in this country in that neither of the two main parties really seem to know how to improve our situation with the economy in particular - I'm not happy with what the Conservatives are doing, but neither am I convinced that Labour would be doing a better job! It'll be interesting to see what happens when our own elections roll around.

All the best making a decision you're happy with xx

helena said...

Interesting question. I'm so glad you are intending to vote - I know from my work in elections that many people feel daunted by the choice and it is a common reson why some young people do not vote.

As Mel said Romney did not make a good impression when he visited UK.

Any conversations I've been in recently about the US Presidential election prefer Obama as his politics seem easier to understand in relation to how we think about politics and the role of government to care for everyone.

quiltingfool said...

I'm not from another country,but when confronted with two candidates and neither one inspire me, I always vote for the one least likely to do any real damage. I think Obama needs another 4 years and a more Democratic congress to make a difference. I think Romney could do irrepairable harm if elected. Obama may not be able to make a real difference, and really, his hands have been mostly tied in everything he's tried to do the last four years, but at least he won't take away fundamental rights and set womens right back a century the way Romney would if elected. Romney is the perfect candidate for Texas voters, as they like their women dumb, compliant, barefoot and pregnant, and Romney can make all that happen. Personally, I'd vote for Bill Clinton again if I could! Haven't had a really good president since he was in office!

And do we really want a president named "Mitt" for heaven sake?

Unknown said...

Love this layout! I've been trying to work in some of the election in my Project Life too...I think it's so important and fun to document.

As far as who I'm voting for, Obama has my vote again this year. While I'm a pretty strong democrat anyway, I definitely looked at the policies each candidate presented. For me, personally, I refuse to vote for someone who doesn't believe that gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry. I agree with Obama on most social issues anyway, but gay marriage is my strongest issue because I just cannot understand the other side of it.

Good luck making your decision!

scrappyjacky said...

I totally agree with all that Mel has written.
Certainly most people over here that I've heard speaking about your election seem to favour Obama....they feel he is more intelligent,more socially focused and has a better understanding of world affairs.
After the recent TV debate between the 2 Brit commentator said that Romney sounded better equiped to run a company, but Obama sounded better equiped to run a country.
Hope you manage to make a decision...I agree with you that everybody should exercise their right to vote.

alexa said...

Hmm, this is a tough one, Cheri. As the others have said, Obama over here seems to be seen as more statesmanlike, more respected on the world stage...

Melissa said...

Great question Cheri! Let me just say if I was standing in a room with all the previous commenters, I'd be a corner by myself.

Alison said...

As you can probably imagine, it's not a hot topic in Spain- they have their own problems to be trying to sort out
Alison xx

Elizabeth said...

After listening to the debate last night, my vote is going to Romney. I just thought Obama was snarky, and disrespectful while Romney acted more like a statesman. Guess I'm in the corner with Melissa.

debs14 said...

Seems like us Brits all agree that Romney did not make a good impression when he visited the UK. Over here I feel that with our political leaders, both have good and bad points there isn't one clear Mr Popular. They are all as bad as each other! But when you have the opportunity to vote, I do feel that you should use that right to voice your opinion. Tough when you don't immediately know which one to choose.

MonicaB said...

Great post. Unfortunately I'm no help because I'm undecided. I really wish their was another choice because I'm not really happy with either option and I really don't like picking the best of two evils. (not that either man is evil, just an expression). But I will go vote and hopefully I will feel better about one of them by November.

Ginger said...

I had a post typed in here the other night and then I started watching the debate! Long story short - I know more Canadians can relate to Obama. I thought he spoke well the other night. You still have a bit of time to make a decision :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Not in another country, but it's interesting to see what others have to say. I'm a strong Obama supporter, but I'll save you all the reasons because I don't want to cause things to devolve.

Amy said...

Obama would be the choice from an Australian perspective - Romney is not receiving good press down here at all due to several factors.

Your point about feeling conflicted is not lost on me, you may not know, but it is compulsory to vote in Australia. I have had discussions with other international friends about how they feel this is not a good thing - I disagree. It fascinates me how much money is spent on wooing voters in countries where voting is not compulsory, so much time and money is spent to actually get you to the polling booth rather than focusing on what the issues for governing a nation as large as the US is and it's national and international responsibilities. Not to mention the economic crisis many are facing there at the moment.

Our political candidates have become so closely entwined it can be very difficult to make a decision, it is a responsibility, but I say grab it with both hands and appreciate the fact that you can and you are allowed to have a free vote.

Good luck, we will be watching closely from down here.