Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ten Totally Random Things

This is my Ten on the Tenth Post - albeit late.  I've had the idea for this post in the back of my mind for two months now and just couldn't seem to make it happen.  But here it is!

1. June has been flying by in a frenetic fury.  We've already experienced a Prom, we are a week into the latest Becca/Peter break-up drama (outcome yet to be determined), a Graduation , a flurry of medical appointments for various family members, and seriously one of the craziest busy periods of work for me yet! I still haven't had a chance to play with my new toy either. Do you ever have times like this in your life, where you feel like you just can't catch your breath?  So I've been reading everyone's blog posts, but haven't always had time to comment. But I'm there!

2. Would you love to receive daily uplifting emails... love Notes from the Universe?  I get them daily and frequently enough they are so on point to what I need to hear.  It's free and you can sign up HERE.

3.  I'm late in sharing this:
After Deb sent in the crazy-quilt butterfly I'd made for her butterfly project, I felt compelled to finish the Butterfly Canvas I'd started for her before the butterfly project.  And here it is!  You can't see the sides, but there are butterflies there too! And between painted butterflies, stamped butterflies, die-cut butterflies, rub-on butterflies, butterflies cut from thank you cards and gift wrap, and a hand made modeling paste butterfly... well, there are 51 butterflies on the canvas!

4.  I know a lot of you followed my burst of productivity during LOAD last month.  Were you curious about trying it out, but afraid to commit to an entire month?  Lain is offering her one week version, Your Story Matters, at a name your own price special.  Literally, it goes into the shopping cart at $0.00 and you can leave that if you want... or change it to any amount you feel moved to offer.  It starts on June 24th. Click the Your Story Matters link to sign up!

5.  And speaking of FREE classes, Jessica Sprague is offering Photoshop Top 5 free - beginning June 18th, so hurry!

6.  While I'm on a roll with the internet freebies...  Have you always wanted a Gratitude Practice, but had a hard time remembering to write in a journal or think about it each day? I did! Until I stumbled across  They will send you a daily (or up to 4x/day) email or text asking you what you are grateful for at that moment.  Your responses are kept in an online journal and emailed back to you weekly or you can access it at any time.  Again... free or a donation of your choosing.  Click HERE to sign up.  For me, it is helping to keep gratitude front and center in my life.

7. Our next big EVENT here is the Graduation Party on June 30th - family and friends. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.  If you have any great ideas for food, decorations, or entertainment (think INexpensive or DIY) please do share! Point me to your favorite board on Pinterest or link me up with tutorials and recipes.  I did get the invites out... honestly, pretty darn happy with them!

8.  One thing I love to do when I'm feeling overwhelmed is meditate.  It is a relatively new practice for me (started in February), but I do find it helps keep me calm, focused, and centered.  Yep, FOCUSed. Never saw that one coming when I chose my One Little Word!  If you are interested in trying meditation without spending cash, Susan Piver offers The Open Heart Project.  Again, free. Click HERE to check it out.

9. The last "31 Things" layout I managed to complete. I'm two weeks behind in this course!

10. Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am to have all of you in my life?  Really and truly I am. I love my blog tribe!


Jo.C said...

Lovely post - may have to check out a few. Good to remember to be grateful :0)

scrappyjacky said...

Great post,Cheri.
Love your invitation.Card bunting is pretty easy to make....and you can use leftover scrapbook it costs nothing!!

Anonymous said...

Super post. Signed up for Notes from the Universe. :)
Congrats to your daughters!

quiltingfool said...

Maui would be my number one choice as well, and if I never go anywhere else in my lifetime, I want to return again and again to Maui. The ocean would be my choice of views as well. The hardest thing about moving to Texas was lack of proximity to the ocean.

Love this gorgeous page, and all your other ones as well, and ADORE the invitation. What a great job!

Melissa said...

It certainly does sound like a busy but exciting time in your life right now - bummer that works gets in the way occassionally! I'm signed up for Jessica Sprague's class and am going to pop over now & check out Lain's offer. Your butterfly canvas is fantastic!

Amy said...

Busy, busy, busy alright!
Good luck for the party - how many will be coming?

Unknown said...

Love the invite, especially the bottom picture! Congratulations!

Ginger said...

Your butterfly canvas is stunning Cheri - really stunning!

I might check our Lain's offer too, I see lots of people doing LOAD but I feel intimidated by that much of a commitment so I think her offer might be the perfect introduction.

I got the book in the mail yesterday - thanks for sending :) I was a bit skeptical to say I was interested based on your post, but I'll give it a go :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for all the info/links, Cheri! Your butterfly canvas is phenomenal - just gorgeous. I understand overwhelmed all too well; it's good that you have practices like meditation and gratitude journaling to help... waking up to that breathtaking view every morning would probably help, too! :) Know that your blog tribe is equally grateful for you. Take care of yourself!

Karen said...

LOVED this post! The butterfly canvas is so gorgeous, and I'm trying to restrain myself from linking up to anything new for awhile, but I'm sure I'll be back to check some of these out later. I am signed up for Jessica's class. I realized earlier today that I've only completed about half of the prompts for Ali's course, but I'm really OK with that. Some of them I probably won't write to, and the rest will come.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post, fabulous invite and what absolutely fabulously lovely girls you have.x

MonicaB said...

Wonderful post!

Love your art journal page. It's one of my favorite quotes.

Best wishes to your girls. And to you with the party. :)

Unknown said...

Hi there!

My name is Keyton Weissinger. I built Grateful160. Thank you very much for the kind words. I hope that the service continues to help you! If you or your readers have any suggestions or questions, please reach out. I'd love to hear from you!

Best and thank YOU,

Sian said...

Your canvas is stunning!

Best of luck with the Graduation Party. They are fine young women and they deserve to have a blast!

Cheryl said...

Love your page and good luck with the Graduation party xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a busy time for you - thanks for giving us a peek into your life right now! I love it.

Kelly Miller said...

That butterfly canvas is magnificent. You never disappoint! (Also - congrats on those graduates. You should be proud!)

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Ah! So much to say...I love that you call us your "blog tribe." Awesome.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my butterfly canvas, Cheri! Carrie was over the other day and saw it on my grandmother's dresser in my craft room and said, "Hey! Where'd you get THAT?!?!" It's so amazing and I LOVE that you put 51 butterflies on it. (I haven't actually counted them myself, just taking your word for it!)

I hope your note about "notes from the Universe" inspire a few others to sign up. I love those notes, and I credit you for leading me there.

A BIG congratulations to your beautiful graduates! What a milestone - times 2!!!

{{{hugs to you, Cheri}}}

Unknown said...

Wow - what an awesome post all around and a great update to your life. I am IN LOVE with that butterfly canvas, and I'm glad my mom can back me up in how gaga I went when I saw it...SO great and I love the quote you used.

Congrats to the graduates! :)