Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Little Word Blog Hop - January Edition

Hello and Welcome to the One Little Word Blog Hop! If you came here from Margie's blog, welcome! You made it to the right place.  Grab a drink and stay awhile! I love visitors!If you are a regular reader, you already know the drill! ;) The entire hop goes live at 8:00 a.m. Pacific (11:00 my time) so if you are early, just check back later to catch everyone!

My one little word for 2011 was "happy".  In retrospect, it was the perfect choice for 2011.  Happy was my constant companion and helped guide me through several very rough patches last year.  It is with some sadness that I bid adieu to happy, but I know it will stay with me and the lessons learned will not be quickly forgotten!

So thank you happy, for a year of allowing me to see the light in the darkness and to focus on gratitude for all the wonderful and awesome in my life!

As I move forward, I am ready for a challenge this year.  Last year "focus" was vying for my attention as my word for the year, but it just felt too heavy - like too much work - and in hindsight, I'm not sure "focus" would have been such a great pal in 2011.  But in 2012, I'm ready for focus.  
In 2012, I'll be focusing on my health - moving, eating well, regaining my strength and hopefully my energy.

In 2012, I'll be focusing on my family and friends. They need me. I need them. I need to pay attention.

In 2012, I'll be focusing on my camera skills - determined that this will be the year I finally understand aperture and f-stops and white balance...

In 2012, I'll be focusing on my photographs - particularly getting them organized and tagged in Lightroom.

In 2012, I'll be focusing on my creativity - that part of me that heals me and keeps me alive!

But mostly in 2012, I'll be focusing on ONE THING AT A TIME!  Yes, time to let go of my adult onset ADD and really learn to single task. It will be my biggest challenge and one I do hope to conquer!

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And many thanks to Margie - our fearless One Little Word blog hop leader - for keeping this going so that we all have incentive to stay up-to-date with our One Little Word albums!  I've finished off my 2011 pages, started 2012, and am looking forward to what this year has to bring!


Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I have so enjoyed following you and your word this year. Happy journey with focus. I love your photos, always. You have quite a gift.

JennL said...

great post this month, cheri! your thoughts on focusing for 2012 really resonated with me. what an awesome journey awaits!

MonicaB said...

Wonderful post Cheri! Your word is very similar to mine. Looking forward to seeing were your focus leads. Happy 2012!

Anonymous said...

GREAT post, Cherie. So glad things are getting back on track for you and your family. I hope life only brings you wonderful things in 2012 :)

Anonymous said...

It's not the first time I'be wished we lived closer to one another but when I read your goal about Lightroom, I wished we lived next door to one another. It's one of my goals this year too, and my past experiences with it have been pretty frustrating. I'd love to have a buddy!

You've chosen a great word, and I love the way you've defined it so clearly.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Cheri. I'm glad you let Happy guide you through 2011 and I look forward to following you again this year. Focus is a great word... something I need to do.

Happy New Year.

Kara N said...

Can't wait to follow your journey with Focus this year.

Abbey said...

Great post! I am glad your word worked for you and that you have a vision to focus on for 2012!

nicky said...

Oh man I love the word focus. I am excited to see where it takes you in 2012.

jillconyers said...

Isn't it interesting how much timing is a factor of our word.

I'm looking forward to your Focus journey.

Sharyn said...

Focus was a good word for me the year I used it and I know now that you have happy down you will carry that with you as you focus in 2012.

Cheryl said...

Great word, Cheri! I hope 2012 is a happy one full of focus.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Cheri ~ I was wondering how you'd top "happy" and I think that "focus" is just right. You kept "happy" in "focus" this past year and helped to remind me of the importance of looking on the bright side. Now I'll look forward to tagging along as you FOCUS on what's important. It's perfect. xo

scrappyjacky said...

You did brilliantly at keeping 'happy' as your 'focus' in 2011.....I'm sure you'll manage just as well with 'focus' this year....good luck.

Unknown said...

Focus is my OLW for 2012 too! I love your areas of focus, I have similar ones. I haven't done a Jan OLW blog post yet but now I am inspired. Thank you and good luck to you and your family in 2012. Unemployment is a tough challenge to face. I hope you pull through it soon!

ScrappnBee said...

What a great word you had for 2011! I loved seeing your work and hopping along. Good luck with Focus! It seems like it is a word that you are ready to bring into your life! :) -Amanda

alexa said...

This looks like a great challenge/support to yourself as the new year begins. Given your determination and success last year, I am sure you will carry your focus through. :)

Missus Wookie said...

Focus is also my word for 2012 - love that last point. One thing at a time is at goal for me too. Looking forward to OLW this year and may even be organised enough to do a blog hop!

InkyArt said...

hey we have the same word and from the sounds of it we have the same missions too. I'll be stalking your TWELVE, EWMM or is that MMEW and OLW updates - here's to 2012 xx

Melissa Shanhun said...

Oh my - focus is my word too this year!

Will be fun to be keeping up with you over 2012 and to see where our journeys take us!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post, Cheri. Great attitude about your tough 2011. I can totally relate and am inspired (I overuse the word but it fits here!) by how you've handled it all. It sounds like you have a great year ahead of you with focus! Always glad to have you join us for the blog hop!

Anonymous said...

I've really loved visiting you each month for the blog hop! Focus is a word that I think should be my word EVERY year, so I'm excited to see you again through the months and how you're doing!

Rebekah said...

A wonderful new word. Looking forward to this journey with you again. Sorry so slow in getting to comment, been out of sync!