Friday, August 12, 2011

Me in My Moleskin & the Scoop

This class was a gift from my blog friend, Kai.  I got started with it immediately upon receiving it and have finished a couple of pages.  It has been slow going since then, but I'm LOVING it! Many thanks to Kai!

I managed to follow the directions fairly closely for the cover.  I had fun making the faux coffee stain with a real mug (since I don't drink coffee or tea I never use mugs!).

But that was about as far as I could get with following the directions.  I can never leave well enough alone...

My photo is bigger than specified, there is no frame around it, I created my own title and used the doilies that were meant for a page somewhere much further back in the book!

I also went through the page prompts and rearranged the entire order.  So after the first few pages, the order of my book will look nothing like the original.  But hey, that's me.  Always making it "my own."

I skipped the doodle version of my "dream" home and used a photo of my actual abode. It is a modest size 3 bedroom colonial, but honestly I no longer yearn for a McMansion with a master bedroom suite and jacuzzi tub like I used to. This home is plenty big enough for me to keep clean as it is!

I'll be sharing more pages as I finish them.  It may be slow going, but I'm really enjoying this little autobiography!

The Scoop:

Did you say you wanted details?  Here goes.  

After two plus emotion-laden roller-coaster months of unemployment, things started happening fast and furious for the hubs.  He ended up being offered not one, not two, but FIVE positions.  It was easy to eliminate the ShopRite stock boy position at $10/hr. He had been applying for stuff like that just to bring in something over and above unemployment in case it went on for awhile. And it was easy to eliminate the six month contract position in Princeton NJ (long commute and not permanent).  

It was a lot harder to eliminate the startup company with tons of future potential.  But the salary would have been ½ what he used to make and absolutely NO benefits.  The offer for #5  isn’t confirmed yet, but we know it is coming.  That one is “contract to perm” so a bit of a gamble. And he lost interest after the third interview.  

He has formally accepted a full-time permanent position with this company. Salary and benefits. He starts on Monday. The salary is a 1/3 decrease from what he used to earn, but apparently what the market is offering these days.  It’s further from home than his last job, but thankfully mostly highway driving.  It still means money will be tight, especially with one in college and two more headed that route in another year.  We are just so grateful that he is employed again!

Call for your discards...

Are you purging your craft room?  Do you have "stuff" you need to unload?  Now that I'm playing with mixed media (and LOVING every minute of it!!!) I would like to have a little more to play with.  I'm specifically looking for rub-ons (especially borders, but any will do), stamps, stencils, mists, ink pads in colors other than black and brown, and any kind of Tim Holtz "stuff" (leftovers from your projects???).  If you have stuff you'd love to unload and are looking for a loving home for it, please consider me! :)  Thanks!!  



Anonymous said...

I have to tell you I am now a slobbering glob of goo reading one simple sentence "He had been applying for stuff like that just to bring in something over and above unemployment in case it went on for awhile." I know you know how lucky you are, but I have to make sure you do. It takes a special man, and a special relationship for that to be the case. You are tremendously fortunate. If I weren't so happy for you, I'd be jealous!

As for "stuff" you are welcome to take a road trip to my house. I have a HUGE studio getting ready for purging. Serious purging. You're welcome to ALL OF IT. Just head north!


Amy said...

This is some seriously fantastic news Cheri!I'm really happy for you all and also pleased that this was drawn out any longer.

Love your project too - I can never stick to the rules either - makes things a bit more interesting if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

Love your project Cherie - I think you may be a girl after my own heart ad believe that rules are made to be broken!

So pleased about the job news and I agree with Lee - he sounds a special sort of husband. If you email me your addie I may have some rub-ons that need a new home after purging my stash and finding loads of stuff I had forgotten about xxx

scrappyjacky said...

Such great news, pleased for you all.
Love how your book is coming along.
Sadly ....nothing for you stash wise....I'm hanging on to all mine...and would love more 'arty' stuff myself!!

Jo.C said...

I am so pleased to hear your great news. The moleskinE is looking fab - some great ideas look at - love your borders. I would cheat and add a photo too :0)

Sian said...

I'm so very pleased for you both: the job news is wonderful!

Unknown said...

I totally envy you your ability to break the rules... and I'm SO glad you're enjoying the project/class. I have to get back to mine after a too-long break, now. HUGS!

Congrats on the job too... I'll email you more.

And stash? You might just be getting goodies here and there as I clean things out. You okay with "gently used"? :)

Melissa said...

Cheri - I am so excited about your hubby's job. And yes, we too took a decrease but it seems to be what the economy is offering. We also took part-time to start, but we found out Friday he goes FULL TIME THIS WEEK!!! We are so excited.

I love your moleskin & how you are making that project your own. And you have a lovely home.

I don't have any of the items you listed (that I'm purging anyway), however if you're interested, I would be happy to share some pages from old books, dictionaries & hymnals - I've found several lately that were falling apart & I'm using them on layouts & stuff. Send me an email it you'd like a little stack of pages to play with and I'll be happy to share.

Anonymous said...

SO glad to hear about the new job!!! I just purged a lot of stuff, and have it in a bag to give to a friend. I don't think there's much in there on your list, but I'll look through and let you know and if there's anything you think you'd like, I'll send it on its way.